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How do I log in to my account?

You can log into your account using your Pill Club email and password at https://thepillclub.com/login. Follow the prompts to accept Nurx’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and upload your photo ID*. Nurx will follow up via email  to confirm that your account has been transferred and your prescription(s) will be sent to your door**

*In some cases, based on the status of your prescription with The Pill Club, Nurx may require that you fill out an intake consultation and/or provide payment information.

**Based on your insurance and prescription status, we may need to send your prescription to a local pharmacy of your choosing. Non-prescription products (including daily multivitamin, Kinship Probiotic Mineral Sunscreen, pregnancy tests, paraben-free lubricant, natural latex condoms, organic tampons and pads, vitamin C serum, vitamin C moisturizer, hyaluronic acid cleanser, and Kale + Niacinamide Night Mask), female condoms, and some birth control prescriptions currently fulfilled by The Pill Club will not be  fulfilled by Nurx. Please see here for information on transferring prescriptions to a local pharmacy.

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