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How is the medication shipped?

Contraceptives are delivered by USPS 1-3 day priority shipping for all orders. No signature is required for delivery of birth control. The packaging is generally discreet, and there is no mention of Nurx or a pharmacy on the outside of the envelope.

If you’re a PrEP patient with us, your medication will be shipped by FedEx with a signature requirement due to the high cost of the medication. Also, insurance companies are less likely to replace a higher cost medication. However, if you do want to opt out a signature requirement, you can do so. Please just message our Customer Care team in our app, email at support@nurx.co or call at 800-321-NURX(6879).

If you’re a NuvaRing user, the ring remains under refrigeration until it is dispensed from the pharmacy as refrigeration extends its shelf life. Once the ring is dispensed, it is good for 4 months out of refrigeration and our partner pharmacies ship in packaging to protect the medication itself from external factors. Outside of direct refrigeration, it can withstand brief excursions to temperatures above 86 degrees F.

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