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How much does Nurx cost?

If you use insurance, you’ll likely pay the same for your medication because Nurx partners with many of the same insurance companies providers!

If you pay-out-of-pocket, you can find our birth control pricing by brand here – most Pill Club patients will pay the same or less for their medication. 

Additional costs include:

  • Support Fee: A flat $3 fee each month one or more of your orders are processed. This fee covers your unlimited, on-demand access to our customer care team as well as certain processing fees.
  • Online Medical Consultation: An annual fee for medical consultations to renew prescriptions, which also includes unlimited messaging with our medical team about your prescription. The annual fee is $25 for birth control, $15 for emergency contraception and $40 for acne. The cost of being evaluated by our affiliated medical professionals is less than most co-pays in a traditional clinic setting.

Existing Pill Club Patient? Login with your Pill Club username and password to transfer your care to Nurx.

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