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What type of rosacea treatment does Nurx prescribe?

After reviewing your health profile and photographs of your skin, a Nurx medical provider will create a custom treatment plan using evidence-based prescription medications. You will receive one or more topical treatments, which may include a topical antibiotic, an antimicrobial cleanser, and/or azelaic acid. You may be prescribed an oral antibiotic as well. While completing the online assessment you may indicate if there are certain prescriptions that you are or are not interested in, but keep in mind our medical providers will prescribe the best rosacea treatment options for you based on your health profile. The Nurx pharmacy fills the prescriptions and sends medications to your doorstep, and after ten weeks of treatment the Nurx medical provider will follow up and adjust prescriptions if needed.

Get Rosacea Treatment At Home

Nurx offers prescription treatment for rosacea as little as $0 with insurance or $20 per month without insurance.

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