Minastrin 24 Fe

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Minastrin 24 Fe has a 24-day cycle, as opposed to others with a 21-day cycle, helping shorten the length of your period. Plus, the daily doses of iron is something every woman needs. It’s a combination-style pill that uses a blend of two hormones, estrogen and progestin, that cause your body to believe it’s already pregnant so actual conception won’t occur. Our team at Nurx can prescribe Minastrin 24 Fe at special request, or can offer the generic equivalent Norethindrone ACE/EE 1/20 for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $85 without insurance.

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Additional Details

  • Treats PMDD
  • Less painful periods
  • Lighter periods
  • Increased menstrual regularity
  • Shorter periods
  • Provides helpful iron
  • 24 active + 4 inactive (iron only)
Active Ingredients
  • Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) [0.02 mg]
  • Norethindrone acetate (progestin) [1 mg]
  • Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not take if you have a family history of blood clots.
  • Not suitable for smokers over 35.
  • Increased risk for blood clots.
  • Increased risk for stroke and heart attack.





  • Does Minastrin 24 Fe Cause Acne?

    While some may experience increased hormone-based acne when taking birth control pills, it's actually pretty common that it will help with existing acne problems. In fact, dermatologists have long been prescribing the pill specifically to help women with skin troubles.

  • Will Minastrin 24 Fe Help With My Iron Deficiency?

    While the low dose of iron in Minastrin 24 Fe will help, it's not meant to be a substitute for anemia medications or those for serious iron deficiencies of any kind. Also, food-based sources of iron are a lot more efficient than iron that's taken in pill form. With a few exceptions, such as B-12, you're almost always better off getting your nutrients from food.

  • Can I Take Minastrin 24 Fe With Other Medications?

    While it's generally safe to take hormone-based birth control pills with other meds, there are a few that can cause reactions or make your pill less effective. St. John's wort, for example, can lower Minastrin 24 Fe's ability to prevent pregnancy. This is also the case with seizure medications, HIV drugs, and a few others. Drugs that can especially interact with Minastrin 24 Fe include anti-cancer medications, such as aromatase inhibitors, and ones used to fight chronic hepatitis C. Be sure to discuss these before taking Minastrin 24 Fe. A good rule of thumb — any medication that involves hormones can potentially interact with a hormone-based birth control pill.  

  • Are There Any Side Effects of Minastrin 24 Fe?

    Hormone-based birth control pills always include a tiny risk of side effects. These include headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, mood swings, high blood pressure, and water retention, which shouldn't be confused with actual weight gain. Your period may also change — it can become irregular, spotting may occur, or it may disappear completely.Serious side effects are extremely rare but have been documented with Minastrin 24 Fe. Some of these are blood clots, heart disease, migraines, unusually powerful headaches, dizziness, fainting, and vision problems. Stroke-like symptoms may also occur, such as slurred speech, trouble breathing, confusion, and numbness or pain on one side of the body.

  • What Are Some Precautions When Starting Minastrin 24 Fe?

    As with any new medication, discuss anything you're taking, including over-the-counter meds and herbal supplements, with your doctor or one of our professionals before you start Minastrin. Women who smoke, especially when they're 35 or older, have a much risk of serious heart problems with Minastrin or other combination-style hormone birth control pills.Allergies can also result from taking Minastrin 24 Fe, though they’re very rare. Watch for typical warning signs of allergic reactions, such as itching, rashes, hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling in the lips, tongue, or throat.

  • Is Minastrin 24 Fe Easy to Get?

    Absolutely. It's a popular choice that's considered very effective and safe. While it does require a prescription, we partner with actual live doctors in every state we work with who can provide a prescription for you, as well as answer any questions you have.We also work with many insurance providers. If you don't have insurance, not to worry — Minastrin 24 Fe is also available in generic forms under the names Mibelas and Melodetta.

  • How Is Minastrin 24 Fe Used?

    Minastrin 24 Fe is a daily pill that can be either chewed or swallowed. Your pill should be taken at the same time every day. Lots of women choose to take it at bedtime or after their evening meal to avoid any nausea that may occur.There are 24 active pills in each pack, plus four inactive ones that are taken during your period. They contain a small amount of iron — the "Fe" in the name stands for iron — to help make up for iron that's naturally lost when you bleed.

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