Zovia 1/35 (Demulen 1/50) Image

Zovia 1/35 (Demulen 1/50)

Zovia 1/35 (Demulen 1/50) Image
$15 ($0 with insurance)

Product details

Take control of your reproductive health with Zovia 1/35, a combination birth control pill that works to prevent ovulation while changing your cervical mucus to block sperm. This birth control can also regulate your periods, lessen painful periods, and treat stubborn acne!


Birth control type:
Combination birth control pill

Recommended for:

✓ Regulating periods

✓ Less painful periods

✓ Treating acne


Price with InsuranceOut-of-Pocket Price
As little as $0 for the medicationAs little as $15 per month for the medication


We also charge a $15 medication consultation, which includes unlimited access to our medical team for a full year.


Brand name:
Demulen 1/50

Generic versions:
Kelnor 1/35

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Additional Details

  • Pregnancy prevention
  • Lighter cramps
  • Birth control
  • Daily pill
  • Lighter periods
  • Lessened side effects
  • 21 active + 7 inactive
Active Ingredients
  • ethinyl estradiol and ethynodiol diacetate
  • Do not take if already pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Not for women who smoke.
  • Not suitable for women over the age of 35.
  • Increased risk of stroke and blood clots.





  • How Does Zovia 1/35 Work?

    Patients take this pill by mouth daily for 21 days, and then continue with a placebo for the remaining seven days in the month. This allows women to maintain the habit of taking one pill at the same time each day. To maintain their effectiveness, patients are encouraged to store their pills in a cool, dry place where they can access them at the same time each day. This maximizes the effectiveness of Zovia 1/35, reducing the risks of pregnancy.

  • How to Get Zovia 1/35?

    Your pharmacy will likely carry Zovia 1/35 and can easily fill your prescription. Zovia 1/35 is also covered by most health insurance plans, which means it is free or heavily discounted for most women who use it. However, if your insurance provider does not cover Zovia 1/35, there are alternative options to make this pill more affordable. We offer dozens of affordable birth control options and can help you get the medication you need.

  • Does Zovia 1/35 Cause Weight Gain?

    Every medication affects women differently. Some women who take Zovia 1/35 report changes in weight including weight loss and weight gain. Most women only experience marginal weight gain of 10-15 pounds. However, you should talk to your doctor if you gain more than that shortly after starting Zovia 1/35.

  • Does Zovia 1/35 Cause Acne?

    Some women may experience more serious acne because of Zovia 1/35. Each person is different, what helps one woman with her acne can make another woman's acne significantly worse. Many patients don't experience any changes in acne while on Zovia 1/35.

  • Are There Any Precautions?

    Always consult your doctor before taking Zovia 1/35. They can evaluate your lifestyle and risk factors to determine whether this medication is right for you. Let your doctor know about any allergies you have or immediate negative side effects of taking Zovia 1/35. When serious, these problems can be life-threatening, so your doctor may recommend another form of birth control instead.

  • What Are the Side effects?

    Like most medication, there is a risk of adverse side effects when taking Zovia 1/35. These include minor changes like bloating, breast tenderness, swelling of the ankles, or spotting and irregular periods. More serious side effects include high blood pressure, lumps in the breast, severe abdominal pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing, severe headaches, dark urine or yellowing of the eyes or skin.Also tell your doctor about any mental health problems that may arise on Zovia 1/35. These include serious mood swings or symptoms of depression.

  • Important information

    Zovia 1/35 may be less effective if you have adverse reactions to it or if you make certain lifestyle choices that affect your medication. If you experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea shortly after taking Zovia 1/35, then the pill may not have had time to dissolve and enter your system, rendering it ineffective.Zovia 1/35 may not be effective when taken with other drugs. One medication can interact with another and your doctor may recommend another form of birth control in the event that multiple medications cancel each other out.Do not take Zovia 1/35 if you are pregnant. Stop taking Zovia 1/35 and consult your doctor if you miss multiple periods, as you may be pregnant.

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