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Some women prefer to use spermicides like Emko because they’re simple to apply, easy to obtain, and are affordable. While we currently don’t offer Emko, our team wrote more information about Emko below to help you learn more about this popular option.

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  • How Effective Is Emko?

    While Emko is relatively effective on its own (about 70-80 percent), its ability to prevent pregnancy is greatly improved when combined with other forms of birth control. Regardless of whether it's used with barrier methods, oral contraceptives, or others, it prevents unplanned pregnancies around 97 percent of the time when used correctly.

  • How Does Emko Work?

    Nonoxynol-9 is an organic compound found in spermicides that immobilizes sperm by attacking their acrosomal membranes. Because they can't move around to reach the egg, they are unable to fertilize it and a pregnancy is prevented. It should be applied vaginally every time before having sex, and it shouldn't be used after its expiration date because its effectiveness diminishes after that point.

  • What Is Emko?

    Emko is a vaginal gel that minimizes the chance of an unplanned pregnancy by immobilizing sperm before they can fertilize an egg. It contains the active ingredient nonoxynol-9 and, like other spermicides, is typically used in conjunction with barrier methods like cervical caps and diaphragms. It can also be used with emergency contraception to improve its overall effectiveness.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    The most common side effect with Emko is vaginal irritation, especially if it's used very often. That irritation can lead to abrasions that may make it easier to contract STIs and HIV/AIDS infections. Some women develop an allergic reaction to spermicides, and its presence can also lead to soreness and irritation for your partner.

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