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Here’s a Quick Way to Get Birth Control

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Birth Control Image
Written by vhigueras
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Life is busy. Before you know it, you’re down to the last pill in your birth control packet. You scramble to call in a refill, then somehow squeeze in a quick trip to the drugstore before closing time.

Whew! Crisis averted—until next month.

If this sounds all too real — and stressful — you need to know there’s a better option.

Every day, thousands of women like you are getting birth control sent privately and directly to their homes with Nurx.

What’s Nurx?

Nurx is an online medical provider that lets you skip a trip to the doctor or pharmacy. Instead, you order birth control online or with a few clicks on a free app on your phone or an easy website.

How do I get birth control from Nurx?

Nurx doesn’t make you jump through hoops. With Nurx, you’re in charge. Just answer a few questions about your health history and chat with a medical provider. You can choose your favorite type of birth control, or ask your doctor for suggestions. You get a prescription that’s good for a year. Every month, automatic birth control refills are delivered right to your mailbox. So easy!

What does Nurx cost?

We charge a $18 consultation fee, which includes unlimited messaging with our medical team for a year. Even better, Nurx offers more than 50 name-brand and generic birth control options at a super-low price.

No insurance? No problem. Nurx provides many generic options that’ll set you back a mere $15 a month.

If you have insurance, Nurx takes care of billing too. You just get charged your copay, which could be as low as $0—without ever leaving your couch. Shipping is fast, free, and packaging is discreet.

Whether you want pills, the patch, the ring, or emergency contraception, Nurx has your back. Nurx even offers at-home HPV tests and the HIV-prevention medication PrEP.

Where is Nurx?

Nurx is probably available where you live. Right now, around 70% of the US population can take advantage of Nurx for hassle-free birth control, prescription drugs, and home tests. Check if Nurx is available in your state here.

If telemedicine laws in your state are holding up Nurx, send an email to [email protected]. When Nurx arrives in your state, we’ll let you know!

What are you waiting for? Skip a trip to the doctor and pharmacist—sign up for Nurx!


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Exceptional care at every step

At Nurx, we make it easy to get the expert healthcare you deserve. From schedules to health history, everybody is different—so we provide treatment and care that’s personalized to you. Through life’s cycles, changes, and transitions, we’re here to help you make informed choices about your health.

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