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Nurx Launches Herpes Treatment

Have oral or genital herpes? Nurx prescribes antiviral medication online and delivers it to your door

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Written by Nurx
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Periods, sex toys, erectile dysfunction — seems like lately people will open up (and even TMI . . ) about topics that used to be taboo. At Nurx we are all about breaking down stigma and having honest conversations about personal health, so we’ve noticed that there remains one topic pretty much nobody talks about: Herpes.

The viral infections that cause oral and genital herpes are incredibly common and almost entirely harmless, yet people with herpes often feel deep shame around the diagnosis. They might not want to talk about it even with their doctors. For that reason Nurx is now offering prescription herpes treatment to people who have already received a herpes diagnosis.*

By offering prescription herpes treatment online we’re giving the millions of people living with oral herpes or genital herpes the option to treat and prevent outbreaks on their own terms, by connecting with a medical provider from the privacy of home and getting prescription medication discreetly delivered.

Get herpes treatment at home

Nurx offers prescription cold sore and genital herpes treatment for as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

Want to learn more about how herpes treatment through Nurx works? Here are four things to know:

We See Herpes As Normal

One in two people in the US have oral herpes, and one in six have genital herpes, although many people don’t know they’re infected because they either have no symptoms or only have minor ones. If you have oral herpes there’s a chance you caught it from a grandparent who kissed you as a child, and you can have genital herpes even if you’ve only had sex with one person — you can even catch it from non-sexual activities like shared gym equipment. In short, herpes is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about.

We Also Know Outbreaks Are No Fun

Even though we 1000% believe herpes isn’t embarrassing, we also know people really, really want to prevent outbreaks. Herpes sores can be uncomfortable,  and when you have an outbreak you’re more likely to pass herpes to a partner, meaning you should avoid kissing and sex until the outbreak is over — and that’s no fun for anybody.

We Prescribe Outbreak Treatment or Daily Prevention

Our healthcare team will write you a prescription for valacyclovir (generic Valtrex), a highly-effective antiviral herpes treatment with few or no side effects. When you take valacyclovir at the first signs of an outbreak your symptoms will be less severe and the outbreak will clear up faster. If you experience frequent outbreaks you might choose to take valacyclovir every day, to lessen the chances you’ll experience outbreaks at all. Taking valacylovir daily may also be a good option for people who have partners who do not have herpes, because a daily dose reduces the chance that you’ll transmit the virus to others.

Nurx Treatment is Easy and Private

Here’s how it works: Simply visit the Nurx website or app and answer a few questions about your health and your experience with herpes. Our medical team will review your answers and, if medically appropriate, a Nurx provider will write you a prescription. Then our pharmacy will fill the prescription and send valacyclovir to your to door in discreet packaging. We’ll bill insurance if you have it, and offer affordable out-of-pocket prices if you don’t. No more doctor appointments to request prescription treatment, no more waiting in line at the pharmacy to pick it up.

If you have been diagnosed with oral or genital herpes* (whether recently or long ago), learn more about Nurx herpes treatment.

*If you think you have herpes but haven’t been diagnosed, we suggest you visit an in-person provider the next time you experience an outbreak. If your provider confirms that you have herpes we would be happy to manage your treatment.

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