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What Sex Toy Should You Use Based on Your Horoscope Sign?

What Sex Toy Should You Use Based on Your Horoscope Sign? Image
Written by vhigueras
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Choosing a sex toy can be a daunting process — whether you want the perfect item for solo play, something that you can seamlessly integrate into sex with a partner, or perhaps something versatile enough to fulfill both purposes. With that in mind, here’s a whole new way to shop for sex toys: by zodiac sign.


Slow and steady aren’t words typically used to describe those born under the Aries zodiac sign. Yet it’s worth giving pause to incorporate some of the more kinky toys available. Whether you have sex with men or with women, using a strap-on toy may be just the right enhancement to peak your pleasure.


For the average Taurus, touch and sensuality are important ingredients to a fulfilling sex life. It’s helpful to go for toys that are soft, smooth, or very tactile. Satin sheets and fur-coated handcuffs are solid options for this earthy lover. Just be sure to pack the birth control for this raunchy ride.


Chances are, you’ve never encountered a Gemini who wasn’t willing to try anything at least once, often more than that. There’s no shortage of fun toys for someone as adventurous as you. A high-quality anal plug is a solid go-to option for turning up the heat.


Prone to emotional ups and downs, the Cancer lover is predictably unpredictable. Since you’ll never know what’s behind Door No. 2, it’s best to have an assortment of sex toys on hand, including everything from personal lube to double-sided dildos.


Creativity is a must for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. Not one to shy from sex-fueled nights (and days), these lovers are a prime candidate for toys that incorporate bondage into play. If you’re just starting out, consider tamer options, such as nipple clamps, leather ropes, and blindfolds. For the more experienced players, adding electrostimulation and ball gags may fit the bill — especially when timed right.


Drawn toward practical, Virgo lovers appreciate anything that has a dual purpose. Few sex toys fall into the category more solidly than the vibrator necklace. That’s right, wear your sex toy and wear it proud, Virgo friends.


People-pleasing Libras love anything that can pleasure both partners in the bedroom. For partner sex, try a cock ring with a little bullet vibrator on top; that way no one feels left out and timed orgasms suddenly become attainable.


Known as the most mysterious of all signs, Scorpio lovers embrace sex toys that are discrete and intensely pleasurable. Quiet, the Duet Vibrator from Crave checks all the right boxes. It also allows for multiple sensations as you experiment with different positions and angles.


Known adventurers and risk-takers, those that fall under the Sagittarius sign need sex toys that can keep up with their ravenous attraction to fun. From glass butt plugs to leather cuffs, having an assortment to accompany the appetite is key.


Though they’re often willing to try something new, Capricorn partners gravitate toward the tried-and-true. After all, they know it’s well-liked and long-lasting. Hopping into the sack with a classic rabbit vibe and a sexy pair of high heels is a sure way to stoke the fires.


Being conventional in the bedroom equates with being boring for the Aquarius lovers among us. They need toys that will feel fresh and innovative. They can handle things all on their own. That’s why an automated sex machine, such as the Fredorch Sex Machine, can be the creme de la creme for these water bearers.


Pisces are often very gentle and need sex toys that illuminate this preference. Look no further than a warm bubble bath and some massage candles to create the right atmosphere. Bonus benefit: Massage candles provide a subtle ambiance and can be used to amplify a nice rubdown.


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