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Price Transparency on Every Type of Birth Control

Price Transparency on Every Type of Birth Control Image
Written by Nurx
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When you need to stock up on something “essential” — from a bottle of shampoo to a TV to a sofa —  you can quickly search and find the lowest price online. Why should birth control be any different? (Spoiler: It shouldn’t be)

But until now it’s been pretty near impossible to learn how much any prescription medication is going to cost until a pharmacist hands it to you and lets you know what the price tag will be. 

At Nurx we’re committed to making sure this black box experience doesn’t get in the way of providing you with the ultimate essential – access to birth control. In order to help you make the best decision about which birth control is right for you, we’ve published a list of the 50+ generic and name brands of birth control we offer in an easy-to-read chart, along with the prices if you’re paying with or without health insurance. 

Get Birth Control At Home

Birth control from Nurx costs as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

How it Works

Let’s say you’ve been taking the birth control pill Yaz, and you’re out of refills — and you also happen to be between insurance plans. By checking the pricing page of the Nurx website you’ll see that we offer a generic version of Yaz, called Nikki, for $20 per month. 

If you want to pay even less, our medical team can help you find a new brand that works for your health and your wallet. We offer many generic options that start at $15 per month. 

Or, if you decide you want to stick with the exact type of birth control you’re accustomed to, you might decide that it’s worth it to you to pay the extra $5 per month. The point is, that’s your choice to make, and our transparent pricing helps you make an informed decision. 

Affordable Without Insurance

We know that many women without insurance rely on Nurx to access birth control: About 1 in 10 American women don’t have health insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. In addition, Southern states tend to have the highest percentages of uninsured women, which is top of mind for us considering our patient community is the largest in the South compared to any other region. 

So we know that it’s essential to offer affordable birth control options and keep prices transparent for these patients, women like our patient Claudia who calls Nurx “a miracle for someone without insurance!”

But if you do have insurance coverage, we’ll bill your plan directly, and it’s likely that you won’t pay anything for your medication. See a list of the major insurance plans that Nurx accepts.

Access to Generic Options

When you look at our birth control pricing chart you’ll see that we offer generic versions of every birth control pill formula. Generics contain the exact same active ingredients as brand-name medications, but at a fraction of the cost. “I needed birth control and this was a quick and efficient way to get it. I’m on a generic version of what I was using before and I pay $15 a pack as opposed to $155 a pack! Love Nurx,” says a Nurx patient named Megan. When you request birth control through Nurx and you want to stick with the same birth control you’ve used in the past, we’ll ask you if it’s okay to substitute a generic for your requested brand — be sure to say “yes” so we can send you the most affordable version of your medication. 

Why We Do This

Nurx has always been committed to offering affordable pricing, including for those without health insurance. While the detailed price chart on our website is new, providing a more cost-effective healthcare experience to our patients is something we’ve been doing since the very beginning. 

Our vision is to reimagine the healthcare experience and break down any barriers that get in the way of getting the care you deserve, taking away the need to wait in line at the pharmacy or make time for a doctor’s appointment. Providing you with greater price transparency is the next step in this commitment. 


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