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“Why I Love My Birth Control Method”

From stress-free cycles to no periods, period, real Nurx patients share why they're so into their birth control of choice.

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Written by Nurx
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This Sunday is World Contraception Day, an annual reminder that birth control shouldn’t be taken for granted! By preventing pregnancy and/or controlling menstrual symptoms it gives people the power to live life on their terms. Birth control comes in many forms and formulations, and there are probably just as many different reasons women use it. We asked the Nurx community to tell us why they love their particular birth control method. Here’s a sampling of what you had to say:

Bye to Cramps and Acne

“I love my pill! I’ve been on it for over five years now and I wouldn’t change it. My cramps are minimal now, I have a regular schedule, and it keeps my acne away!” — K, Nurx patient 

Zero Periods

“My favorite part about my birth control . . being able to take it every day and not have ANY periods! I’ve been on the pill for many years and it’s the best option for me. My periods used to be excruciatingly painful and last for weeks, and I’m just very thankful to be able to skip them altogether. Nurx makes my life a million times easier!” — B, Nurx patient

Get birth control at home

Birth control from Nurx costs as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

5 Years of Protection

“I LOVE having an IUD because it makes me feel safe and secure. I know that no matter what my birth control is in order without me having to check or do something once a day. I LOVE the fact that my IUD keeps me protected from unwanted pregnancy for a whole five years.” — C 

Stress-Free Cycles

“I finally found a pill that regulated my cycle. Since getting on Amethia I’ve noticed that not only has my cycle regulated but I don’t have as much cramping. This might sound crazy or too good to be true or whatever but I actually for the first time ever actually feel free where I can plan my life and not have to worry about it getting interrupted by my cycle. I don’t worry about sudden spontaneous severe bleeding where I can’t even leave the house because it’s so bad, or cramping where I can’t even move it hurts so much. I don’t even remember the last time I had normal periods and I just feel so free.” — G, Nurx patient

Migraine Management

“I always get migraines at the onset of my period so being on the pill and knowing when it’s coming helps me prepare and combat any oncoming migraines.” — J 

Control, Period

“It gives me control. I’m on the pill and I feel so in charge of my sexual and reproductive health.” — G

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