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Privacy & Safety

Learn how Nurx provides safe and confidential healthcare services for birth control, STI testing, herpes treatment and more.

Is STI testing at Nurx confidential?

Nurx™ STI testing is confidential. Any identifying information, such as your name, is kept in a private medical record. Depending on local regulations, the results from your test may be shared only with certain individuals or companies, such as your healthcare providers or your health insurance company. Otherwise, your results are completely private, so no one will know unless you give permission for their release. Want to learn more? Nurx can answer your confidentiality questions.

Is my information safe with Nurx?

Your information is transmitted to us using industry standard encryption and stored in encrypted form on our servers according to strict federal standards, including HIPAA.

Are payments through Nurx safe?

Yes, all Nurx payments are processed through industry standard credit card systems.

I’m on my parents’ insurance, will they find out that I got medication from Nurx?

We won’t tell your parent(s) or anyone else that you are on medication. As part of regular health insurance communications, your insurance company sends some of your confidential health information—like the services you received and when—to the policyholder of your health plan. You may be able to protect your privacy…

Who does Nurx share my information with?

Nurx does not share your information with anyone without your permission. Please see our Privacy Policy to understand how we protect your data and the limited ways in which it is used.

Does Nurx share information with my primary care physician?

If you want us to, we can share your information with your primary care physician. We believe it is a good idea for your primary care physician to have a full picture of your health, and encourage you to share the health information we have about you with your primary…

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