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About Nurx

Using healthcare services from Nurx are fast and affordable. Learn about payment, shipping, privacy and more from our FAQs.

Can I delete my Nurx account?

If you would like to deactivate your Nurx account, please send a message through your Nurx messenger or call our Customer Care Team at 800-321-NURX between 9 am – 5 pm EST Monday through Friday. Once your account is deactivated, we will still keep your medical records on file…

How much is the processing fee for herpes medication?

If prescribed, valacyclovir will be sent every 3 months with free shipping. If you pay with insurance and your plan limits you to a 1-month supply of medication at a time, we charge your credit card on file $5 per month for processing your monthly delivery. This fee…

Your consultation fee used to be $12, and now it’s $15, why the change?

We’ve updated our pricing to better reflect the quality of care we provide to Nurx patients. The $15 consultation fee includes your initial consultation as well as unlimited messaging with our medical team for the length of your prescription, which in the case of birth control is one…

Can I order a prescription or home test kit for someone else?

No. For legal reasons, we need the person who will use the medication or tests to create their own account with all their information (health, ID, and communication methods). If your friend or relative needs our services, please have them create an account or reach out to us…

Can I order birth control for my daughter through Nurx?

The law requires that every person who receives a prescription from Nurx has their own account that contains their own information (health, ID, and communication preferences). Even if your daughter is a minor, she must have control over her account and have direct access to communications from our…

Where can I get a blood pressure reading?

If you haven’t had a recent blood pressure reading at your physician’s office there are a couple of ways to get a reading.   If you are due for a yearly physical, schedule an appointment with your physician and ask for your blood pressure reading during the physical. Contact your…

What states are your providers licensed in?

We have licensed providers in every state we offer healthcare services. Click the states below to see our providers by state. Alabama California Colorado Washington DC Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa…

How much do the Nurx Home STI Test Kits cost?

The cost of Nurx™ at-home STI testing kits depends on your insurance coverage. If you have health insurance, the cost of each kit is $75 plus any applicable copays or deductibles. You may have to pay for a lab testing fee as well if the lab is not in your network. Without health insurance, costs range from $150 for $220 for home STI test kits, including the lab testing fee. Regardless of insurance coverage, a $15 medical consultation fee is also required. Want to determine the final cost before placing an order? Our experts at Nurx can help.

Does insurance cover the cost of the Nurx Home STI Test Kits?

Often, yes. For patients who choose to use insurance to cover their test kit, they will be responsible for $75 to cover the cost of shipping and kit components, as well as the $15 consultation fee, which cannot be reimbursed by insurance. Once you return your samples to…

Is STI testing at Nurx confidential?

Nurx™ STI testing is confidential. Any identifying information, such as your name, is kept in a private medical record. Depending on local regulations, the results from your test may be shared only with certain individuals or companies, such as your healthcare providers or your health insurance company. Otherwise, your results are completely private, so no one will know unless you give permission for their release. Want to learn more? Nurx can answer your confidentiality questions.

What if I lose or break part of my Nurx home test kit?

If you require a replacement test kit, we charge a discounted price of $30 for a replacement kit. If you would like to order a home test kit from Nurx, get started here.

Can I get a refund on the Nurx home test kits if I decide not to do the tests?

No refunds will be issued after your test kit has shipped. However your insurance will not be billed unless you complete your samples and return them to the lab. If you would like to order a home test kit from Nurx, get started here.

Where is the lab that processes the Nurx test kits?

Our longstanding home testing partner Molecular Testing Labs is a CAP Accredited and CLIA Licensed laboratory with extensive experience in infectious diseases and home testing validation. In partnership with Molecular Testing Labs, we have provided tens of thousands of our patients with home testing for PrEP,…

What insurance plans are in-network with Molecular Testing Labs?

Molecular Testings Labs is in-network with the following insurance plans: BlueCross BlueShield plans originating in the following states: CA, AZ, AL, IL, IA, MS, ID, LA, MI, MS, OR, SD, VA, UT, WA Medicaid in the following states: IL, IN, MI, IA, MN,…

What does it mean if Molecular Testing Labs is out-of-network with my insurance plan?

If Molecular Testing Labs is not in-network (in-network information can be found HERE) with your insurance – we have a negotiated rate of $99 for the STI and PrEP Home Test Kits and the lab work and $45 for HPV Home…

Who is Nurx for?

Anyone who needs birth control, PrEP, an HPV test, or STI testing can request them through Nurx. Check the list of states where Nurx currently operates, or get started now.

How do I change my shipping address?

To update your shipping address, login to the Nurx website or app, click the account icon and then click on Shipping Address. On the next screen you will see your current address. Click on your current address and change it to your new address. Future orders will be shipped…

How do I reset my password?

Login to the website or app, click the account icon and then click Password. On the next screen you’ll need to enter your current password, then enter a new password and confirm it.

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