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How Do I Get Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills widely available, but you do need a prescription from a health care provider. You can get a prescription from your doctor, health clinic, or (in a few states) from a pharmacist. You can also get a birth control prescription online in many states. The health care provider will review your health history and any risk factors that may impact your ability to take the birth control pill. Next, you’ll go over any problems you’re experiencing that birth control might help, such as irregular bleeding, painful PMS symptoms, or hormonal acne.

After reviewing your medical history, your health care provider can help decide which pill is right for you. Birth control pills are available from many brands, some of which have different hormones and dosages. Certain factors, such as health conditions and lifestyle habits, may put you at risk if you take birth control pills, so your provider will go through these risks with you as well. Overall, birth control pills are safe and effective at preventing pregnancy.

Some of the most commonly prescribed pills include YasminOcellaMicrogestinPortiaLuteraLevora,  Nortrel, and Yaz. If you’re looking to use birth control to aid in more than just contraception, such as to reduce PMS side effects or regulate your periods, your health care provider can talk to you about which pills are most effective for these additional needs. Some birth control pills are available in three-month dosing, which means you can go that long without having a period. These include Seasonique and Amethia.

Get Birth Control Pills At Home

Birth control pills from Nurx cost as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

Most people do not need a physical exam to get birth control pills. After you receive your prescription, you can pick up your pills right away at a pharmacy or order them online to be shipped to your door. As long as you take the pill as directed, you can safely prevent pregnancy and enjoy the other benefits of this birth control option.

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