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Is there a charge for receiving a one-month supply of medication at a time?

Nurx usually sends a three-month supply of medication at a time, but in some cases insurance companies won’t cover a three-month supply, and will only pay for one month at a time. When we send a one-month supply for herpes treatment, migraine treatment or acne treatment, we charge $5 per shipment for the extra processing involved. This $5 will be charged to your credit card on file. This $5 isn’t covered by insurance, and patients agree to it prior to submitting their request for care. 

In the case of migraine treatment, if you pay with insurance and are prescribed a triptan (a type of medication for symptom relief) we will send your medication every month and charge $5 monthly for processing which you pay Nurx directly and is not covered by insurance. This is because insurance plans usually limit patients to a 1-month supply of these medications at a time. If you pay out-of-pocket, and choose to receive medication monthly (vs every 3 months) you will also be charged $5 monthly for processing. 

If you pay with insurance and want to avoid paying $5 per month for processing, you can let us know that you’d like to switch to paying out-of-pocket for a three-month supply, and not use your insurance plan for your medication. 

You can find more information about your delivery schedule by logging in to your Nurx account on our app or website.


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