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Are you looking for an alternative to a daily pill? Consider a light vaginal ring instead! NuvaRing is a flexible birth control that is switched out every month. It is just as effective as the pill, and you don’t have to remember to take something every day. You place NuvaRing inside your vagina for three weeks and then remove it for a week. At the end of that week, you replace it with a new ring and repeat the process. It’s just that easy!

NuvaRing is just one of the more than 100 brands of birth control that we offer to women across the country. While NuvaRing is a spectacular birth control for women, like all birth control it does come with risks, including the possibility of increased risk for heart attack, stroke, or blood clots. Our team at Nurx can prescribe the NuvaRing at special request, or can offer the generic equivalent Etonogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol Vaginal Ring for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $150 without insurance.

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  • Does NuvaRing Cause Weight Gain?

    Changes in appetite are common in women who take birth control, and you may notice a five- to ten-pound increase when you start taking NuvaRing. You may also notice swelling of your breasts while you take this form of birth control. Stop taking NuvaRing if any of these symptoms are excessive or painful, and your doctor can work with you to find the birth control you need.  

  • Does NuvaRing Help With Acne?

    NuvaRing is not FDA-approved to treat acne; however, you may notice clearer skin once you start using it. NuvaRing regulates your hormones, which can make your acne more stable. Many patients have experienced clearer skin, but you can't rely exclusively on NuvaRing to control your acne.

  • What Else Should I Know About NuvaRing?

    Before taking NuvaRing, or any other form of birth control, tell your doctor if you are taking any medications and if you have any allergies. This can prevent complications from mixing medications. Even though you wear the ring inside your vagina, it still releases medication and hormones that can affect your body. NuvaRing is not recommended for women who are currently breastfeeding. NuvaRing can reduce the amount and quality of the milk, and trace hormones might get passed on to the baby.

  • What Are the Side Effects of NuvaRing?

    Like all forms of birth control, side effects will vary with every person. You may experience some unpleasant symptoms when you start using NuvaRing. These should lessen or go away entirely after a few months. These side effects include bleeding between periods, breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting, or moodiness. You may also notice changes in your sex drive or vaginal irritation.Seek medical attention immediately if you have symptoms of a stroke or heart attack, sudden shortness of breath, yellowing of the skin or eyes, weakness, confusion, or trouble speaking.  

  • Are There Any Precautions When Taking NuvaRing?

    It's unlikely, but the ring may slip out of your vagina. If it has been out for less than 24 hours, rinse it off with cool water and replace it. If it has been out for more than two days, and if it's not the ring-free week, follow the same process. However, after you replace the ring, use backup birth control (such as condoms) for the next seven days to reduce the risk of getting pregnant. If you forget to remove your ring after three weeks, remove it and put a new ring in immediately. If this occurs, you may skip a period or have unusual spotting. You may also want to use backup birth control for the following week.

  • How Can You Get NuvaRing?

    You need a prescription from your doctor to use NuvaRing. Once you get the prescription, you should be able to pick it up at your doctor's office or your local pharmacy. Some medical professionals will give you a three-months' supply of the ring and include instructions on how to store it properly. NuvaRing can cost up to $200 and does not have generic alternatives. Some forms of insurance cover the ring partially or even completely, making it free for some patients. If you want to use NuvaRing but your insurance won't cover it, or if you don't have insurance, try our services instead! We offer safe, reliable, and affordable birth control that you can count on.

  • How Does NuvaRing Work?

    NuvaRing uses the same chemicals as birth control pills (Etonogestrel-Ethinyl estradiol) to prevent pregnancy. It prevents ovulation, thickens cervical mucus to block sperm, and thins your uterine lining to prevent fertilized eggs from attaching. NuvaRing looks similar to a clear rubber band and comes with an applicator that resembles a tampon. This makes it easy to insert NuvaRing, and most women remove it by reaching in and pulling out the ring themselves. NuvaRing is painless for most women, who quickly stop noticing it. It is also comfortable during sex and rarely gets in the way.

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