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With tretinoin,
you can lighten dark spots
safely and without skin bleaching.

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How Tretinoin Compares

Tretinoin can reduce the appearance of dark spots without the skin bleaching. Plus, it provides additional benefits of unclogging pores and resurfacing skin.

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Real patients, real results

The results speak for themselves.

Your medical team at Nurx will evaluate your skin and prescribe targeted, medicative solutions, just for you.

We prescribe and deliver retinoids, which are prescription medications proven to reverse skin aging.

Retinoid creams, like tretinoin, are 20x more potent than over-the-counter retinol and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

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“Demand for Nurx’s services skyrocketed — order volume for emergency contraception, birth control, sexually transmitted infection tests grew 40%, 50% and 100%, respectively. Its total sales climbed 80% year-over-year in 2020”

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“For $35, all patients with mild to moderate acne—whether they’re insured or not—can receive an initial medical consultation, home delivery of medications, and a 10-week follow-up.”

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Best for: Anyone who hasn’t been tested for STIs in more than a year (or ever) and just wants a no-rush STI checkup.”

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How It Works


Request your skin prescription

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Share your skin history and photos in our website or app.


Our providers review

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Your medical provider will review and prescribe a personalized medication plan, as appropriate.


We deliver your medication for free

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We'll send a 3-month supply of tretinoin cream to your door for free, and message you to make sure everything is working well.

Medication Options

Get started with your online consultation for $30, which includes 1 year of unlimited medical access to your own provider team.

Topical Medication Price
Tretinoin 0.025% $30 / month
Tretinoin 0.05% $30 / month
Tretinoin 0.1% $30 / month
Adapalene 0.3% $30 / month

*Please check your insurance coverage; the final medication price may vary based on your insurance, so this estimated pricing is not guaranteed.

**Our medical team can prescribe Tretinoin Cream 20g for $60 or $30/month if needed.

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Meet your medical team

We are doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physician assistants who are passionate about providing patient care. The Nurx medical team believes that everyone deserves access to personalized, non-judgmental healthcare, and that open and honest communication is key. Learn more about our medical team.

Dr. Marie Leger MD, PhD, FAAD

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Your voices

Image of Amanda, San Francisco
I’ve been using Nurx for the last year. I switched jobs and my health insurance changed. I completely forgot about my birth control prescription and I had a big trip coming up for several weeks, so I realized I needed to quickly figure out what to do!
Image of Bethsaida, Miami
A co-worker was telling me about a cheap birth control solution that they ship right to your house. She said they also accepted insurance so it would be low cost or no cost. So I decided to look up Nurx and I love it.
Image of Ileana, San Francisco
It’s completely changed my quality of life. The customer support team is incredibly helpful. Every time I have a question like if I’m getting weird symptoms, I always hear back right away.
Image of Bianca, Miami
It was so easy and hassle-free. I signed up once and the packages came to my door. I don’t have to do anything, it renews every three months. I travel a lot and it makes my life so much easier. I love it.
Image of Christina, Miami
First I thought is this company real? But getting the pills in the mail was proof for me. It took all my fears away.
Image of Adriana, San Francisco
I’ve been using Nurx for the last six months, it’s really great and super convenient. When I first started using Nurx I didn’t have health insurance so I felt like I couldn’t go to the doctor and ask for a prescription. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. It was so easy to just go to Nurx and pay for it outright. It was an absolute lifesaver.
Image of Alicia, Miami
I wasn’t sure about the doctor part, but as soon as my application got approved they gave me more information about who my doctor was so my concerns faded away. I’m also able to ask questions on the app, so I can always reach out and know that somebody will get back to me.

Hello Freedom

We know that no one has time to wait in line at the pharmacy. We know that seeing a doctor often isn't easy — on your schedule, wallet, or peace of mind.

Our service makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably. So we can all stay safe and in control of our own health, always.

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