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Nurx is reinventing healthcare, by making it easier to get vital medications and tests delivered straight to your door. Learn what it's like to work here, and check out open positions at Nurx and other brands that are part of the Thirty Madison family.

Why Work at Nurx

We’re a mission driven company disrupting the healthcare industry. 
Join us in revolutionizing primary care starting with birth control, HPV testing, PrEP for HIV prevention, and STI testing and treatment. We are growing on a daily basis, expanding our team and offerings. You have the opportunity to make a huge impact that is felt throughout the entire company. New challenges present themselves and we tackle them with rigor and passion.

Our team values autonomy, diversity, happiness, empathy for our users, transparency, curiosity, and health and wellness.

As an early team member, you can shape the way patients throughout the country receive their medication. We are a roll up your sleeves team who is looking for like-minded individuals to join!

Our Values

Patient First

What this means

Every key decision we make is centered around the patient. We empower people to take control of their health, focusing on systematic and positive health outcomes for the greater good. We are on a mission to improve healthcare access for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances. We provide unconditional care.

Dare to Be Better

What this means

We always question the status quo, relentlessly pursuing a better way, and are willing to go first. We have a trailblazing spirit and will always go the extra mile on the mission to redefine healthcare. We’re the place where it’s ok to take risks and be first.

In This Together

What this means

We have a judgment-free, unified voice and are banding together to find solutions to real problems. We leave our individual ego at the door and believe that trust is built through shared vulnerability. We are empathetic as individuals and as a team. We partner with patients, doctors, nurses and our employees to win as a team.

Own It

What this means

We own and take accountability for all of our own actions. We look past our day to day job to understand the bigger picture. We have an ownership mindset allowing us to do our best at every mission we set out to accomplish. Our individual goal is always to exceed expectations. We go beyond.

Do the Right Thing

What this means

We act with integrity, honesty and ethics. We encourage open communication and question ideas and actions inconsistent with our values. We are good stewards of the company and its assets. We play to win, but we play fair.

Our Benefits

We offer generous benefits to keep our employees both healthy and happy! You’ll invest your best work in Nurx and we want to invest in you.

Remote Working:
Long term remote opportunities available for specific positions
$500 allotment for your home office set-up
Monthly Tech Stipend automatically paid while working remote

Time off to Recharge:
Open vacation plans for salaried employees
Generous vacation accrual for hourly employees
12 paid company holidays

Focus on Health & Wellness:
Mental Health Membership with Modern Health
Monthly wellness reimbursement for your choice of gym memberships, fitness classes, home gym equipment and more
Paid Parental Leave
Zero-cost options for medical, dental, vision, life and disability coverages
Low-deductible medical, dental & vision insurance plans

Competitive Compensation:
Market competitive pay
Pre-IPO incentive stock options
Rich benefits offering — see Focus on Health & Wellness

Professional Development & Fun
Daily virtual company events
Workplace volunteer programs
Company wide training programs, including Inclusion/Diversity training and Radical Candor

Our Engineering Culture

Want to build solutions that make healthcare better? We’d love to hear from you. Read about our values, our team, our tech stack, our product roadmap, and how the engineering interview process works at Nurx.

Meet the San Francisco Team

At our headquarters in San Francisco the executive, engineering, product, marketing, legal, and HR teams work together to ensure a seamless experience for our patients and providers, and deliver on our mission to transform healthcare.

Image illustrating 'Meet the San Francisco Team'

Meet the Syracuse Team

The Nurx team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and operations experts oversees prescription fulfillment from our pharmacies in Syracuse.

Image illustrating 'Meet the Syracuse Team'

Meet the Miami Team

Our Miami location includes care providers, customer support specialists, and human resources and operations experts. The people forming the first line of support for the patient community work out of our lively Miami office.

Image illustrating 'Meet the Miami Team'

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

At Nurx we partner with Goodera to provide virtual volunteering opportunities for our employees. Watch the video to learn more.

Hello Freedom

We know that no one has time to wait in line at the pharmacy. We know that seeing a doctor often isn't easy — on your schedule, wallet, or peace of mind.

Our service makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably. So we can all stay safe and in control of our own health, always.

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