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Privacy Policy

12 October 2015


State laws and US federal law govern how Propel Network, LLC, ('we'/'us' or Nurx) can use and disclose health information that 'individually identifies' you . This information is called 'protected health information' or 'PHI'. We collect PHI when you use our App and when you communicate with us. State law and US federal law specify the rights you have over your PHI.

This Privacy Policy helps you understand a) how we'll use and share your PHI, b) what rights you have over your PHI and how to exercise your rights, c) what to do if you think we're not complying with our legal obligations, and d) what information we collect when you use the Nurx app ('the App') .

If you have any questions, please send us a message through the App or call us at 800-321-NURX during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Propel Network, LLC does not provide any medical services. Propel Network, LLC can store a request for medical services and forward that request to a licensed medical provider in your state.

After you make a request through the App, Nurx will nominate one or more doctors to work on your request. Those doctors are third-party beneficiaries of this Agreement.


We use and disclose your PHI to provide you with care, to run our healthcare operations, to take payment and to comply with state and US federal regulations.

We use your telephone number to call you if we have any questions, to leave you voice messages if you don't answer the telephone when we call you, and to call you to ask for feedback on your experience of using the service. We also use your telephone number to send you SMS /text messages.

To provide treatment and to run our healthcare operations and to take payment we share your PHI with selected organizations that provide us with services . As examples, we share your PHI with organizations that help us run and maintain the technology and security infrastructure that supports the App and the care we provide. We also may share your health information with medical staff who help ensure that we are providing a service that meets the appropriate standard of care. We share your PHI with our online payment processor and with our bank. We share your PHI with the pharmacy if we give you a prescription and with intermediaries who enable us to send prescriptions electronically.

We may use your PHI to tell you about health-related products and services.

We may share your PHI with a third party if we merge, are acquired or undergo an asset sale.

Wherever possible we strive to make sure that any third parties with whom we share your PHI are legally bound by the restrictions of this Privacy Policy.

It is not possible to bind Google Inc to such restrictions, in so far as Google Inc provides us with analytical tracking services to help us understand how you use the App and our website . Google Inc may have access to various technical information about you, including but not limited to your internet protocol address and your MAC address.


Separate to the health information we collect, we collect technical information about how you use our App. We use this information to help us improve the overall quality of the App and the service we provide. Technical information we collect may include information about your mobile device, including but not limited to unique device identifiers and the operating system you use, and information about when and how you use the app, and information about your general location when you use the App, including but not limited to your internet protocol address and MAC address.

We do not resoond respond to 'do not track' siganals in your browser.


The emails we send you are not secure because they are unencrypted. Other people may be able to read and forward the emails we send you and the emails you send us. Emails we send you may include a wide range of identifiers that include but aren't limited to your name, your email address, your visit number, your patient number, the date you used our service etc.

When you create an account on the App we ask you to give us your email address. We send an email to the email address you give us and the email we send may contain PHI. If you give us an incorrect email address we will unknowingly send an email that contains your PHI to the wrong person.


When you use the App there is a risk that your PHI will be stored unencrypted on your mobile. We take a variety of technical safeguards to make sure that your PHI does not leak onto your mobile but we cannot guarantee that these safeguards work.


We take a number of administrative, technical and physical safeguards to look after the PHI that we hold electronically on our servers. But despite these safeguards, no system is perfect and we cannot guarantee that our systems and your PHI will not be hacked or otherwise compromised by unauthorized third parties.


Right to obtain a copy of your medical record. While the law allows us to charge a fee for this, you can download your complete record from our website for free. We will also provide customer support to help you obtain your records, however we reserve the right to charge a fee for time-consuming requests.We are allowed to charge you a fee if we think it's appropriate.

Right to request that we limit how we use and share your PHI. There may be occasions when we cannot agree to your request.

Right to request that we change or update information held in your medical record. There may be occasions when we cannot agree to your request.

Right to request how we send you PHI. The electronic nature of the App limits our ability to agree to such requests.

Right to an accounting of the disclosure of your PHI. You are entitled to one 'disclosure accounting' in a 12-month period at no charge. An accounting does not include disclosures to carry out treatment, healthcare operations or payment. We are allowed to charge a fee for any additional accounting in a 12-month period.

Right to a paper copy of this Privacy Policy. The electronic nature of the App limits our ability to agree to such requests.


Please write to us at: The Privacy Officer, Hans Gangeskar 14525 SW Millikan Way #38105, Beaverton OR.


To submit a complaint to Nurx you need to submit your complaint in writing to:

The Privacy Officer, Hans Gangeskar 14525 SW Millikan Way #38105, Beaverton OR.

In addition you can complain to:

Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Attention : Regional Manager 50 United Nations Plaza, Room 322 San Francisco, California 94102

For additional information, call (800) 368-1019


U.S Office of Civil Rights (866) 627-7748 (Voice) or (866) 788-4989 (TTY)


We will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint


This Notice is effective dated 1 October 2015.


If we change the terms of this Privacy Policy then we will post the new Privacy Policy on our website and on the App. Any new Privacy Policy will apply to all PHI that we maintain, including PHI that was created prior to the change.

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