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Bekyree is a daily, low estrogen oral contraceptive tablet designed to prevent pregnancy. Bekyree works to prevent pregnancy by interfering with ovulation and fertilization and does this in a few different ways. First, Bekyree prevents the release of an egg (ovulation), then Bekyree thickens vaginal fluid to make it harder for sperm to reach the uterus, and lastly Bekyree changes the lining of the uterus to prevent sperm from reaching the egg (fertilization). Bekyree is 99% effective when used correctly and consistently. Our team at Nurx™ can prescribe Bekyree at special request or can offer the generic equivalent Azurette for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $15 without insurance.

Additional Details

  • Less painful periods
  • Decreases risk of ovarian cysts
  • Low estrogen
  • Less bleeding during periods
  • Reduce risks for PID
  • 26 active + 2 inactive
Active Ingredients
  • Desogestrel (progestin) [0.15 mg]
  • Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) [0.02 mg, 0.01 mg]
  • Allergies to estrogen.
  • Blood clot disorders.
  • Cardiovascular problems or disorders.
  • Cigarette smoking, especially women over 35.





  • How Is Bekyree Used?

    Bekyree is a triphasic oral contraceptive, which means that each pill contains a certain dose of hormones. Bekyree comes in a blister pack that contains a total of 28 color-coded pills. Of those 28 tablets, 22 white pills contain 0.15 mg of desogestrel and 0.02mg of ethinyl estradiol. The next four yellow tablets contain 0.15 mg of desogestrel and 0.01mg of ethinyl estradiol. The remaining two tablets contain inert ingredients. For Bekyree to be most effective, tablets must be taken in the correct order (following the arrows on the blister pack) at the same time each day. The next pack of Bekyree is started whether or not your period has ended.

  • Is Bekyree Easy to Get?

    Bekyree is available at most pharmacies with a doctor's prescription. Your insurance provider might cover part or all of the cost of your medication.

  • What Precautions Should I Take Before Starting Bekyree?

    Store this medication in a cool, dry place where you won't forget to take it. If you experience nausea, consider taking it with food or at night to reduce instances of nausea and vomiting. You should take the pill at the same time every day since missing pills can lead to spotting or light bleeding and increase your risk of pregnancy. This medication does not protect against or prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

    An allergic reaction is rare. Seek medical attention if you experience allergy symptoms such as swelling of the face or tongue, trouble breathing, or severe chest pain.

  • Are There Any Known Side Effects?

    As with any medication, there are slight risks for side effects. The most commonly reported effects include nausea, vomiting, or bleeding between periods. Weight gain, breast tenderness, and headache are also common. Most side effects are not serious and usually diminish after a few months of use.

    Serious side effects are infrequent and can often be made worse by pre-existing conditions such as blood clotting disorders. Notify your doctor if you have any physical disturbances that can't be explained or that persist. Seek medical attention if you experience rare side effects such as sharp chest pain, severe headache, loss of vision, or a pronounced lack of energy.

  • Can I Take Bekyree With Other Medications?

    Taking oral contraceptives with other medications may decrease their effectiveness. Bekyree may interfere with anticonvulsant medications as well as some over-the-counter products like St John's Wort. Some antibiotics can also make your medication less effective. Talk to your doctor about medicines or herbal products you are using that may interfere with the effectiveness of your medication.

  • Does Bekyree Prevent Ovarian Cysts?

    It certainly can. Although birth control pills can't shrink existing cysts, studies show that the risk of developing ovarian cysts is reduced over time with continued use of combination oral contraceptives such as Bekyree.

  • Will I Gain Weight While Taking Bekyree?

    Oral contraceptives have undergone vast improvements and weight fluctuations are less common than they used to be. Variations in weight can be attributed to fluid retention and bloating and are side effects that should diminish within the first few months of starting Bekyree.

  • How Does Nurx Work?

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