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Levlite is a combination pill containing two hormones — estrogen and progestin. Levlite works to prevent ovulation by inhibiting the release of the egg. Levlite prevents fertilization by thickening cervical mucus to prohibit sperm from reaching the egg. Levlite changes the lining of the uterus to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. Fertilized eggs that do not attach are passed out of the body.

At this time Nurx only offers Levlite for pickup at your local pharmacy, but we carry similar birth control options available for delivery. Just answer a few quick questions and one of our licensed providers will help find the birth control that’s right for you. Click here to get started.

Additional Details

  • Lighter periods
  • Less painful periods
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Decrease risk of ovarian cyst development
  • 21 active + 7 inactive
Active Ingredients
  • Levonorgestrel (progestin) 0.100 mg
  • Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) 0.020 mg
  • Blood clots
  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormal breast exam
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes





  • How Does Levlite Work?

    Levlite is a once-a-day pill taken by mouth. Levlite comes in 28-day packs containing 21 tablets with active medication and seven reminder pills with no medication. Sometimes Levlite is packaged in 21-day packs, in which case you will not take a pill for seven days in a row after you have taken the last active pill. You should have your period every four weeks, but you should start a new pack whether or not you have your period.

    Pick a time of day that it is easy for you to remember, so you take the pill on time. Levlite should be stored at room temperature and away from light and moisture.

  • Is Levlite Easy to Get?

    Levlite is available at participating pharmacies. Check with your insurance provider to find out if your medication is covered.

  • Are There Any Precautions?

    If you have diabetes, Levlite may affect your blood sugar. Check blood sugar levels regularly and monitor for any increases in thirst or urination. Levlite may cause instances of melasma, which are dark areas on the face or skin that sunlight may make worse. Limit time in the sun and avoid tanning booths and sun lamps. Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

    If you are nearsighted or wear contact lenses, you may experience vision problems or trouble wearing your lenses. Call your eye doctor if this occurs.

    Allergic reactions to Levlite are rare. If you experience any symptoms of rash, itching or swelling (especially of the face and throat) or trouble breathing, stop taking Levlite and get help right away.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    • Nausea and vomiting.
    • Headache.
    • Bloating.
    • Breast tenderness.
    • Fluid retention.
    • Weight changes.
    • Spotting.

    Side effects that accompany oral contraceptives are common and should dissipate after you've used the medication for a while. Serious side effects include lumps in the breast and mood changes. If you experience unusual changes in vaginal bleeding or yellowing of the eyes and skin, consult your doctor. Although it is uncommon, get medical help right away if you experience pain in the limbs, confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, or trouble breathing.

  • Am I Protected From Pregnancy by Levlite During The Week Off?

    Yes! As long as you have been taking the pill every day at the same time, you should be protected by Levlite, even while you're on your period. Missing doses or dosing late can reduce the efficacy of Levlite.

  • Is Levlite a Monophasic Tablet?

    Yes, it is. Monophasic tablets are defined as medication that contains the same daily dose of hormone. Monophasic pills may have higher doses than other types of birth control pills. Compare to triphasic pills which might contain three different hormone doses and must be taken in the correct order. Monophasic pills help regulate period timing and length and decrease pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

  • Is It Easy to Switch to Levlite From Another Brand?

    Changing your birth control method requires a little forethought. If you're changing in the middle of a pack, start taking the new pack immediately. Leaving large gaps between doses can lower the effectiveness of your medication and increase the chance of pregnancy or side effects. Talk to your doctor about the best way for you to change methods.

  • What Else Should You Know About Levlite?

    Levlite can cause stomach upset, and vomiting or diarrhea can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Use backup birth control as a precaution and consider taking your medication after a meal or at bedtime.

    Levlite might interfere with some medications. Tell your doctor about medications or supplements you are taking to determine if Levlite is right for you.

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