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Nexplanon is a hormonal contraceptive implant that is both safe and reliable for women. Introduced in 2011, Nexplanon has been the preferred choice of patients and medical professionals alike. If you are a woman and you are currently in the process of evaluating your birth control options, you can read more about Nexplanon on Nurx, an affordable and reliable platform providing women easy access to birth control products. We don’t offer Nexplanon as a birth control option but want to help you do your research on the birth control options out here. Check out the FAQ below to learn more or if you’re leaning toward taking birth control pills, chat with our team about how you can get your first pack for only $5.

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  • What Is the Cost of Nexplanon?

    The cost of Nexplanon and insertion by a doctor depends on your state of residence and your insurance provider. You may qualify to get it for free. Please consult your insurance provider for details.Before you can get Nexplanon, your doctor will assess your current health status and past medical history to determine your suitability for this option. Nexplanon is an excellent birth control solution for women, especially those who would like a hassle-free birth control option that offers permanent yet reversible protection against pregnancy.

  • What Are the Primary Benefits of Using Nexplanon?

    Nexplanon has a 99.99 percent efficacy rate as far as birth control is concerned. Apart from preventing pregnancy, women have reported lighter and less painful periods, as well as improvement in acne while using Nexplanon.

  • How Is Nexplanon Used?

    Nexplanon is like a very small plastic stick that releases progestin in minute amounts into the body. It is placed in the upper arm area between the biceps and triceps.

  • How Does Nexplanon Work?

    Nexplanon is designed to prevent pregnancy by offering three lines of defense. It prevents pregnancy by ensuring that the ovaries do not release any ova. If an ovum is released, the progestin thickens the cervical mucus making it difficult for the sperm to swim to the uterus. If the sperm manages to fertilize the ovum, the progestin in the blood does not allow the walls of the uterus to thicken and provide a safe haven for the fertilized ovum.

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