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Meet Nurx NP Allison Palcsesz

This New Jersey-based medical provider has thoughts on what health things patients should (and shouldn't) stress about.

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Written by Nurx
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When Nurx patients in New York or New Jersey request care Allison Palcsesz may be the medical provider who evaluates their health assessment, answers their questions, and prescribes their medication or orders their tests. This board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner has been with Nurx since mid-2020, and has been drawing upon her background in primary care, urgent care and emergency medicine so Nurx patients can access birth control and other essential care while staying safe at home. 

Allison lives in New Jersey with her husband, 4 year-old daughter, 2 year-old son, and two beagles. She’s been spending a lot of the pandemic doing yoga, and also enjoys interior design. To help you get to know this caring medical provider better, and glean some of her good advice, we asked Allison a few questions.

What do you wish every patient knew about taking care of themselves?

“I wish everyone knew that it’s always okay to advocate for yourself and speak up! No question or concern should be off-limits with your healthcare provider.”

Get birth control at home

Birth control from Nurx costs as little as $0 with insurance or $15 per month without insurance.

What health advice would you give your younger self if you could?

“Wear sunscreen!” 

What is the most common health myth or misconception you hear about birth control? 

“That it will make them gain weight, or that there is a cure-all pill that will magically take care of acne, periods, mood swings and more, for good. If there was, we’d all be on it already! 

What’s something that patients are often embarrassed about, but shouldn’t be?

“People should never stress about telling their medical providers anything related to the human body. Trust me, we’ve seen and heard it all!” 

What do you think patients worry too much about?

Gaining weight from birth control — even if it happens, it’s water weight and not true weight gain, and it usually resolves on its own.”

What do you think patients worry too little about?

“People should focus on their blood pressure more. It’s such an important aspect of the patient’s current health, and it’s important for you and your medical provider to know your readings so we can prescribe the right birth control method.” 

What is something important that people can do to take care of their sexual health?

“Preventive care and screenings, like vaccines, STI tests, Pap or HPV tests. If you have a health issue it’s so much better to discover it sooner rather than later. Early diagnosis improves outcomes!”

What do you wish more people knew about telemedicine?

“Not everybody realizes that the Nurx medical providers on the other side of the phone or computer screen are extremely experienced and educated real people — not bots! — and we use evidence-based medicine to assess, diagnose and treat. The patient’s safety is always number one. I am passionate about Nurx and telemedicine because I feel that they eliminate so many barriers to care, especially during some trying times like the past year. I love that I can treat my patients holistically while also keeping them safe at home.”

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