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Technology Leads Wellness Trends of 2019

Technology Leads Wellness Trends of 2019 Image
Written by vhigueras
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Every year, Americans seem to get busier and busier, so it only makes sense that we would turn to technology to make our lives a little easier. From home fitness to home health care, technologies and online services such as Nurx appear in most of 2019’s wellness trends. Let’s explore some of the innovations expected in the coming year.

Fitness at Home

Gyms may be wearing out their welcome. As consumers are increasingly forced to choose between time crunches and ab crunches, they are turning to their devices and joining online groups for home-based fitness routines, motivation, and inspiration.

And it’s not just physical fitness. Many apps can analyze your sleep patterns and track monthly periods and fertility cycles. In 2019, do-it-yourself will meet Silicon Valley.

Diversity in Fitness Role Models

The face of fitness is getting a makeover as more diverse fitness leaders and teachers enter the scene. People tend to be more motivated by people they can relate to and emulate. Diversified role models broaden the appeal of active lifestyles by emphasizing inclusion and participation.

Women of color are claiming their place in the world of fitness, and bilingual fitness classes are sprouting up everywhere, making it easier than ever for non-English speaking men and women to live actively.

Growing Fertility Market

Women no longer have to rely solely on their doctors for fertility questions and concerns. Many women have turned to online services for help conceiving. Women have launched online start-ups in the fertility industry, and, with an annual global growth of nine percent, spending in this market is expected to meet or exceed $21 billion by 2020. Nurx is one of those services, offering confidential access to contraception and PrEP for HIV prevention.

Home Testing

It started with, the service that builds your family tree, and grew to include home DNA kits and many other kinds of test kits. Now, home hormone tests are commonplace; many people are more comfortable with spitting into a tube and sending it out to be tested. Though this trend continues to grow, exercise caution and consult your physician before beginning any new regimen.

The Inclusion of Ancient Arts

As people take their well-being into their own hands, some have turned to new technologies, while others have returned to ancient practices such as Ayurveda and acupuncture. The science behind the mind-body connection continues to offer more evidence in support of the benefits of eating well, getting enough sleep, and eating for nutrition.

Meditation is also becoming more popular as people use this calming practice to live a balanced life. Technology has crept in here, too; there are dozens of apps that will guide your meditation experience.

Online Health Care

As people have turned to apps and programs to test and treat themselves, online health care companies have sought to meet their demands for convenience and privacy. In the world of mental health care, there are apps that help people manage depression and substance abuse. The Health Research Institute found that “[m]ore than 50 percent of consumers surveyed by HRI said they would be somewhat or very likely to try an FDA-approved app or online tool for the treatment of a medical condition.” Nurx makes decisions about things such as contraception methods easy by offering affordable access and options.

The new year looks bright as innovative technologies continue to emerge to meet the demands of online consumers. Combine time shortages, a desire for convenience, and a desire for balanced lives, and it’s clear why we are turning to technology to get healthy, stay fit, learn about ourselves, and live our best lives.

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