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We Love Self-Love – Here’s How We Do It

We Love Self-Love – Here’s How We Do It Image
Written by Nurx
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Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a day for love, romance and showing your significant other how much you care. But it’s also a day to focus on the love for yourself! Last week we asked the Nurx community how they practice self love and we got some great inspiration and tips.

  • I practice self love by putting my mental well being first. I draw and color to relax, I also have breathing exercises to give me peace and I go for runs!
  • First off, self love is SO IMPORTANT for both women and men! I practice self love by making a point to take time out of my day every day and just reflect on my day and myself. I practice self love by coloring, enjoying nature, and dressing up (even if it’s for no reason) ❤️
  • Treat myself with the same kindness I’d expect to treat others with. Give myself time to heal. Eat healthy foods. Rest when I’m tired. Paint. Meditate. Let toxicity go. Workout, do yoga.
  • Loving the person in the mirror every single day ❤️
  • A good read, great conversation with my girls, calling my mama, long walks to clear the mind ❤️
  • Laying in bed watching a comedy show in my leopard fuzzy PJs and eating chocolate pudding 

We got inspired with all the self love routines people shared with us so we went straight home, took a bubble bath, put on a face mask and did some breathing exercises!

Here are some ways that Team Nurx regularly practices:

  • BUBBLE BATH – Run a warm nice bubble bath, with candles and music.
  • FACE MASK – Just do all of the face masks! ‘Nuff said.
  • WINE – Preferably in the bubble bath with the face mask on, just to be sure you get all the self care at the same time. Not a wine person? Green tea will also help!
  • EXERCISE – Walking, yoga or running. Whatever you prefer to do, any activity will help to clear your mind (perhaps avoid doing it the the same time as the previous tips, but, hey, there’s a first time for everything!)
  • FOOD – Greasy, healthy, hot, cold, sweet, savory – treat yo’self with whatever makes you go YUM!
  • BE CREATIVE – Paint, write, cook, dance!
  • TIME –  Reflect on yourself, be kind, appreciate yourself, prioritize YOU.

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