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Three Things to Know About the New Birth Control Rules

Three Things to Know About the New Birth Control Rules Image
Written by vhigueras
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If you’re wondering what the new birth control rules mean, we’ve got you covered. First, some quick history.

The Affordable Care Act guarantees your right to a variety of FDA-approved birth control methods. The ACA considers contraceptives a “preventative service” — meaning most insurance plans must cover birth control with no-copay or cost-sharing.

New Trump Administration birth control rules change this. That’s why people are taking to social media to protest #HandsOffMyBC, stockpiling birth control, and some groups sued to block the rules.

Here are three things to know about the rules and how they may affect you.

What do the new birth control rules do?

The new rules give employers and insurers the power to refuse to provide you with birth control coverage because of moral or religious beliefs.

This is a big deal because most of us get insurance through our employers. And the cost of some birth control, like IUDs, can run several hundred dollars.

What do the new birth control rules mean for my coverage?

It’s hard to say how many employers will file paperwork with the federal government to stop covering birth control. We’ll know more in a few months when the rules take effect.

If you live in certain states, however, you can breathe a sigh of relief. California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Vermont have passed laws protecting your access to birth control with no co-pay.

How can I keep my birth control?

You have nothing to worry about if your employer doesn’t have religious or moral objections to birth control.

The Trump Administration thinks roughly 200 companies nationwide will opt out of covering birth control. But major medical groups that oppose the new rules think the numbers will be higher. They’re worried more women will be at risk for unplanned pregnancies.

Meantime, you can explore whether Nurx is available where you live. Nurx offers more than 50 birth control brands. Many are affordable and cost-effective whether you have insurance, or not.

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