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How does headache and migraine treatment with Nurx work?

Nurx headache and migraine treatment is a one-year care plan designed by a neurologist and headache specialist. It includes an online evaluation, medication prescribed and delivered, a headache tracker, and scheduled check-ins with the Nurx medical team.

Patients visit the Nurx website or download the Nurx app and fill out a comprehensive online intake, detailing their headaches and health history. They are then prompted to film a few videos performing simple motions. These videos are uploaded directly into their secure Nurx account. 

A trained and licensed member of our medical team will review the patient’s health profile and videos and ask any follow up questions in order to confirm that we can safely and appropriately treat them via telehealth and, if so, will create a personalized headache treatment plan, including prescription medication for acute symptom relief, daily prevention, nausea relief, or all three.

Get Migraine Relief from Cove

We’ve partnered with Cove, an online migraine clinic, to offer home delivery of prescription medications and ongoing support from medical providers specially trained in migraine care.

Our pharmacy will fill the prescription and mail medication to the patient’s home. The medication will arrive 3-5 days after the prescription is filled. If we determine that the patient would benefit from a medication that we don’t deliver, we will e-prescribe to the patient’s local pharmacy for in-person pick-up. 

As part of the treatment plan, patients will be asked to track the frequency and severity of their headaches in a headache tracker. A Nurx medical provider will check in with the patient about six weeks after treatment begins, and again at six months, and will review the headache tracker and ask the patient questions about how treatment is working. If needed, the Nurx provider may adjust the patient’s treatment plan. In addition, a patient may reach out to our medical team at any time with questions or to request a prescription change.

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