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How much does headache and migraine treatment cost through Nurx?

Here is a breakdown of the cost of headache and migraine treatment with Nurx:

Medical consultation and one year of care

To receive headache care through Nurx, our patients pay $60 ($5 per month) for one year of ongoing consultation with our medical team, which includes our licensed providers reviewing their evaluation, writing prescriptions, conducting regular check-ins, and modifying their personalized treatment plan as needed. The $60 consultation is paid when the patient submits their intake information and video exam for evaluation, and is not covered by insurance. Considering that many people who experience migraines and tension headaches visit an in-person provider several times a year, the $60 price of one year of care through Nurx is a cost-effective way of providing safe and high-quality care. The $60 consultation does not include medication.


If you have insurance, Nurx will bill your plan directly and you will only owe the copay (if any) which will depend on your individual plan. If you pay out-of-pocket, Nurx offers affordable pricing ranging from $25-$70 per month depending on your prescriptions. 

Here is a breakdown of the different treatment plans and pricing:

For Occasional Migraines

We OfferInsurance PricePrice Without Insurance
Triptans for Pain Relief$0 + copay$25 / month*
Triptans + Nausea Relief$0 + copay$40 /month*


For Frequent Migraines

We OfferInsurance PricePrice Without Insurance
Daily Prevention + Triptans$0 + copay$55 / month*
Daily Prevention + Triptans + Nausea Relief$0 + copay$70 / month*


For Tension Headaches

Daily Tension Headache Prevention$0 + copay$30 / month*


*3-month supply. A one-month supply costs an additional $5 per month for extra processing.


We ship a three-month supply of your medication for free. If you receive a one-month supply (whether by choice or because your insurance plan will only pay for one month of medication at a time), we charge an additional $5 per month for extra processing.


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