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How does UTI treatment with Nurx work?

People with vaginas who are experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection (such a strong urge to urinate, frequent urination, pain with urination, dark or smelly urine), can request care any time through the Nurx website or app. They simply answer questions about their symptoms and health history, then pay $65 for a medical consultation. Within a day (and usually sooner) a Nurx medical provider license in the patient’s state will review, reach out to the patient with any follow-up questions, then prescribe or recommend a treatment plan (if medically appropriate). Treatment usually involves antibiotics, and sometimes patients will also be prescribed medication to relieve symptoms while they wait for the antibiotics to take effect. The Nurx medical provider will send the prescription to a local pharmacy of your choice for you to pick up. You will pay for the medication at the pharmacy, either with insurance or out-of-pocket. If you have questions about the price of the medication or copay, please contact the pharmacy. You can message your Nurx medical provider any time for a week after your UTI treatment request, to ask questions about your symptoms or medication.

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