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What Are the Benefits of Progestin-Only Birth Control Pills?

Progestin-only birth control pills are a good option for women who have problems with traditional combination pills containing estrogen. There are many benefits to taking progestin-only pills:

  • They do not interfere with sex. Unlike condoms or diaphragms, there is no preparation before you have sex. Once you have taken your progestin-only pill for a few weeks, you will be properly protected from pregnancy.
  • They can reduce bleeding and possibly eliminate it. If you suffer from painful periods or symptoms of PMS, the hormones in the mini-pill will reduce these symptoms and lower the number of days and heaviness of your monthly flow. In some cases, you may cease bleeding altogether.
  • They can be better for those with cardiovascular conditions. Progestin pills are not associated with an increase in blood pressure or cardiovascular disease and can be safely taken by those with some heart conditions — such as a prevalence of blood clots — who are advised against taking combination pills. This also makes progestin-only pills safer for those who smoke and women over the age of 35 who may be more prone to cardiovascular conditions.
  • They can be used when breastfeeding. They can be prescribed immediately after delivery for women who are breastfeeding to allow them pregnancy protection while preventing the depletion of their milk supply.
  • They can reduce the risk of headaches. Since the mini-pill does not contain any estrogen, it can reduce headaches associated with increased estrogen levels. If you have headaches as a side effect of your combination pills, switching to a progestin-only pill may be your best option.
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