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What Is the Treatment for Mycoplasma Genitalium?

The treatment of mycoplasma genitalium is a course of antibiotics prescribed by your primary care physician. Along with antibiotics, recommendations concerning sexual activity will enable you to manage your infection and reduce the risk of transmitting or contracting MG.


Antibiotics are used to treat MG. The dosage and duration depend on the type of antibiotics prescribed. Completion of all prescribed antibiotics and a negative test result for MG after one month will get you a clean bill of health from your primary care physician.

Treatment & Prevention

When infected with MG, it is advised that you avoid sex for the first seven days of treatment and to only participate in sexual activities until the infection has been treated. Getting regularly tested for STIs going forward will let you know if you have been exposed to an STD, often referred to as an STI (sexually transmitted infection). Having open conversations with your partners about getting tested for STIs will ensure that you and your partners stay healthy. Any other questions you have regarding the treatment of mycoplasma genitalium can be answered by contacting your Nurx™ medical provider.

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