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What is this pending charge on my card?

Temporary authorizations:
Similar to other online retailers, Nurx™ will temporarily reserve funds on your billing card for the estimated order total. This is an authorization and will appear as a pending charge on your card until your order is processed. The final price may differ, and that difference will be reflected when we charge your card.

When will my authorization be released?
If you see a pending amount, your bank will remove it typically within as little as 3-5 business days, and your card will not actually be charged.

Once you’ve paid for your medication and your card is successfully charged, Nurx immediately releases the authorization. If you were charged a different amount, the remainder of that charge will be released to your account. Contact your bank for more info about its authorization policies and timelines.

I was charged but my order was canceled:
This is a temporary authorization, not a charge. Similar to other online retailers, our system will pre-authorize the card for the amount that we expect to charge prior to shipping the order to ensure that there are funds available when the pharmacy processes the order. If the order is canceled, the authorization will be released and returned to your available balance within a few business days depending on your bank policy.

An authorization caused an overdraft on my card. Who should I contact?
For questions or concerns about overdraft fees, please contact your bank directly.

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