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What’s the difference between my insurance card and my pharmacy benefits card?

Many health insurance plans manage your prescription medications through a company called a Pharmacy Benefits Manager, or PBM. Some common PBMs are ExpressScripts, CVS Caremark, and OptumRx. In some cases you will be issued a prescription insurance card that is separate from your medical insurance card.  

When you submit a Nurx request be sure to upload the right insurance card. If you have a pharmacy benefits card please upload that. But if your pharmacy benefits information is included on your main health insurance card, upload that one. Note: If you request PrEP or STI testing you may need to upload both your medical and prescription insurance cards. 

Be sure the card you upload includes an ID number as well as numbers preceded by “RX” such as RXBIN, RXPCN and RXGRP. Some cards may not have an RXPCN or RXGRP, and that’s okay. As long as we have the RXBIN and ID number we can bill your insurance.

Here is an example of a pharmacy benefits card:

Here is an example of an insurance card:


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