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What should I do if I’m nauseous after I take my birth control?

Nausea is a common side effect when getting started on birth control. If you haven’t already tried taking your pill at bedtime or with food, try that first. This often helps to decrease nausea as a side effect. If you’ve been taking your pill for less than 3 months, your body may just need more time to adjust to the hormones in the pills. Sit tight, and try to be patient. Nausea often subsides significantly by the end of the first pack of pills.

If nausea persists or is severe, you may do better with a low dose pill. Low dose pills are just as effective and tend to cause less nausea for women who are more sensitive to hormones. If you’ve been on your pill for a few months and the nausea is not improving – we can help you change to a low dose pill. Click here to get started with birth control from Nurx or if you are already a customer, login and send us a message via your Nurx Messenger.


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