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Can Birth Control Help Control Acne?

Can Birth Control Help Control Acne? Image

Yes, birth control has shown to be an effective treatment for women with moderate acne. Androgens, which is the common word for male hormones, stimulates growth of skin, hair and sebaceous glands. If the body produces too much of these hormones, or if the skin is more sensitive to the effects of the hormones, extra sebum will be produced. This will block the sebaceous glands and cause infections and inflammation in the skin, and thus lead to pimples and impurities. Some pills contains an anti-androgen in addition to estrogen and progesterone that will counteract the production of male hormones, and thus preventing the development of acne.

It can take some time to see any results after starting hormonal treatment for acne. Sometimes your skin can react to the progesterone that can have a pseudo-testosterone effect, which causes breakouts. It is important to wait at least 90 days before trying other birth control pills since your body needs time to adapt to the hormones that are being introduced.

Here are some brands that are known to help control acne

If you are experiencing acne problems, and are considering using Nurx as your birth control provider, please let us know and we will help you find the best birth control that works for you.

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