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Microgestin FE 1.5/30

Microgestin FE 1.5/30 is a combination birth control pill that prevents the body from releasing an egg during menstruation. Also, by thickening the vaginal fluids and changing the lining of the uterus, it makes it more difficult for sperm to reach, and attach, to an egg. Microgestin FE 1.5/30 has also shown to decrease your risk of ovarian cysts and to treat hormone-based acne. Our team at Nurx can prescribe Microgestin FE 1.5/30 for as low as $0 with insurance or as little as $15 without insurance.

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  • How Does Microgestin FE 1.5/30 Work?

    You will take Microgestin FE 1.5/30 every day, at the same time, each day. For the first 21 days, you will take an active pill that includes estrogen and progestin. You should carefully follow the order in which your Microgestin FE 1.5/30 is laid out in the packaging. After you have completed 21 days of hormone pills, you will swap to seven days of reminder pills. These pills include a small amount of iron and should cause your period to start.

  • Is Microgestin FE 1.5/30 Easy to Get?

    Yes! Microgestin FE 1.5/30 has proven to prevent pregnancy while also reducing the intensity of painful periods, making it a recommended form of birth control here at Nurx. You can easily find this birth control treatment at most pharmacies and it is covered under most insurance plans. Microgestin FE 1.5/30 is a generic medication for Loestrin and is affordable at Nurx, even if you do not have health insurance.This medication, along with other birth control treatments, requires a prescription. You can conveniently request a prescription for Microgestin FE 1.5/30 from one of our Nurx physician partners. Your birth control medication will be discreetly mailed to your home.

  • What Precautions Should I Take Before Beginning Microgestin FE 1.5/30?

    Microgestin FE 1.5/30 should not be used with other medications that interact with iron, without first speaking with a healthcare professional. The 7 days of reminder pills contain a low dose of iron. Taking these medications does not necessarily mean you cannot use Microgestin FE 1.5/30. Instead, your healthcare provider might instruct you to avoid the reminder pills.Your healthcare provider can also determine if you are at risk of any potential allergic reactions to estrogen, progestin, or iron. Signs of allergies include itching, rash, facial swelling, and trouble breathing. Additionally, Microgestin FE 1.5/30 has the ability to change your blood sugar level. If you have diabetes, it is important to discuss that with your physician before using. As always, we recommend discussing any new medications with a physician or one of our Nurx healthcare professionals.

  • What Are the Side Effects of Microgestin FE 1.5/30?

    Although rare, there is always the possibility of side effects when taking any birth control medication. Potential side effects include nausea, headache, bloating, breast tenderness, weight changes, and extremity swelling. Irregular periods are also a possibility for the few months that you’ll be taking Microgestin FE 1.5/30.Uncommon, yet more dangerous side effects include blood clots, heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

  • What Happens If I Miss a Dose of Microgestin FE 1.5/30?

    If you miss a dose of Microgestin FE 1.5/30, take it as soon as you remember. Then, continue with your normal dosing. If you miss more than one dosage, discuss with a healthcare provider and use alternative contraception in the meantime.

  • My Periods Are Irregular After Starting Microgestin FE 1.5/30?

    It can take a few months for your body to adjust to any birth control medication. You may have irregular periods or spot bleeding until you have adjusted. If you are worried, you can discuss your concerns with a Nurx professional.

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