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Special Offer: $15 Off Back-to-School Birth Control

Special Offer: $15 Off Back-to-School Birth Control Image
Written by Nurx

Tuition, books, technology, your share of the bar tab . . college expenses can pile up fast, and you shouldn’t have to stress about money too much when you’re pursuing higher learning. 

When it comes to birth control, Nurx can help. We already make birth control affordable for college students, by prescribing many popular pills that cost just $15 per month (or $0 copay with many insurance plans). But this fall we’re offering an even better deal to college students who are new to Nurx and paying out-of-pocket: $15 off your first birth control order  — that could be a whole month of pregnancy protection, for free!*

Here is how this special offer works:

  1. Visit the Back to School page on our website. 
  2. Enter your information and upload a photo of your student ID.
  3. Our team will email you a personal promo code once your ID is verified (could take 1-2 business days).
  4. Request birth control through the Nurx website or app and enter your personal promo code at check-out.
  5. You’ll get $15 off of your first order when you order three months of pills and pay out-of-pocket.

If you’re already a Nurx patient or wish to pay with insurance you aren’t eligible for this particular offer, but forward it to a student friend who you think should know about Nurx. If you’re paying with insurance you don’t even need this offer because your copay will likely be $0.

Read what some of our current patients in college say about Nurx:

“Super-convenient especially for a college student whose gynecologist is located across the country.” — A

“Y’all saved me $200+ dollars and as a college student that’s money I don’t have lying around.” —P

“Being a college student it’s difficult to get my prescription when i go to college away from my parents and PCM. This process was very easy and fast so now I have found a more convenient and reliable way to make sure I always have my birth control.” —Z

“As a college student it can be difficult to get to the doctor, and many of my friends do not have cars on campus. Nurx makes it so easy to get birth control!” —A

You can read more about how Nurx works in this review written by a recent college grad for HerCampus. 

Claim your back-to-school birth control promo code.*


*The offer to “Get a $15 discount” (“Offer”) is subject to the following conditions: (a) you are a college student with a valid and validated college ID, and eligible for birth control in your state (b) the Offer is limited to your first purchase of birth control through Nurx; (c) you cannot use any insurance, and must pay cash for all birth control orders during your twelve (12) month birth control prescription (“Prescription”); (c) the Offer is limited to people who request a promotion code at and is not transferable; and (d) you must be medically eligible for the Prescription. If you accept the Offer, your first birth control order will be shipped to you in a package containing three packs of birth control (each pack is a one month supply of birth control), and the remainder of your Prescription will be automatically refilled every three months thereafter with a subsequent shipment of three packs of your applicable birth control. After your first order, you can cancel your automatic refills at any time in accordance with Nurx’s cancellation terms. You acknowledge that all birth control starts at $15 per pack (i.e. at least $45 for 3 packs) and may cost more depending on the birth control that is right for you. This Offer cannot be combined with any other and is limited to one Offer per patient. You must be a patient who has not obtained and filled a prescription for birth control through Nurx before, but you are still eligible for the Offer if you have previously received Plan B, Ella, PrEP or PEP through Nurx, or filled a previous prescription prescribed by a Nurx affiliated clinician at a local pharmacy. Offer is for a limited time or while supplies last, and expires no later than November 15th, 2019.

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