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How Effective Is a Birth Control Implant?

A birth control implant is a medical device that can be implanted in a woman’s body to prevent pregnancy. An implant can have an efficacy rate of 99%, which makes it the contraceptive of choice among many women today. Such high effectiveness makes the implant a nearly flawless mode of birth control.

Because an implant has an effective period of up to five years, women can get it once and be carefree for years to come. The implant is a tiny, flexible rod roughly the size of a matchstick that can be inserted in the upper arm subcutaneously. The procedure of insertion is fairly uncomplicated and painless, as the insertion is done using a local anesthetic.

The birth control implant constantly releases a hormone that prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs. At the same time, it increases cervical mucus thickness, which renders the union of sperm and egg difficult. As it contains only one hormone, progestin, its applicability is much wider than other forms of contraception. Women who can’t tolerate estrogen can safely use a birth control implant.

The birth control implant is one of the most effective long-term contraception modalities available today. It is safe to use, even for new mothers who are breastfeeding. As you don’t have to follow any daily pill regimen, you don’t have to worry about missing a daily dose. It will also save you from recurrent trips to the pharmacy.

Women who generally suffer from heavy, painful periods with cramps may feel relieved of these symptoms when they use the implant. Most importantly, its action is reversible. If a woman wants to conceive at any point, the implant can be removed.

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