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Where Is a Birth Control Implant Inserted?

The birth control implant is a thin rod that is about the size of a matchstick. It releases progestin into the body which prevents a woman from getting pregnant. The birth control implant has an efficacy rate of over 90%  and remains effective for five years, after which a woman is required to get another implant if she still needs a method of birth control.

The birth control implant is inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm. You need to visit your doctor if you want to get the implant. Your healthcare provider or the nurse will ask you some questions about your health. This is done to determine if the implant will be a good fit for you. In some cases, the doctor may also conduct a physical exam. The doctor will you a local anesthetic to numb the area of the arm where the birth control implant will be inserted. Once that is done, the doctor will slide the implant under your skin, using a special inserter tool. This procedure takes only a few minutes, and you won’t feel any pain since the area is already numb.

Most women feel a slight pinch or a sting when its inserted, but nothing much after that. Once the effect of the pain medication wears off, you may feel a slight pain in your arm, but it won’t stay for long, and you don’t have to worry about it. Any swelling or tenderness that you experience will also be temporary. Just make sure you keep the skin around the implant clean for a couple of days. This is just a preventive measure to ensure that there is no infection or rash or any associated problem from the insertion. Overall, the process of inserting an implant is fairly simple, and you will not experience any significant pain or discomfort.

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