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Is There a Weight Limit for Using Plan B?

The makers of Plan B claim their emergency contraception is suitable for women of any weight. However, some studies suggest this pill may be less effective for women weighing over 165 lbs.

What Are the Concerns?

These concerns date back to 2011, when the journal “Contraception” found heavier women taking plan B were three times more likely to become pregnant than women with smaller body mass indexes using the emergency contraceptive. This study led the makers of Norlevo, Europe’s equivalent of Plan B, to conduct their own research. In 2013, the study claimed the emergency contraceptive pill was less effective for women over 165 lb than women with BMIs in the smaller weight range. However, Norlevo now states it’s unclear how much weight may impact its drug’s effectiveness.

Studies suggest the dose of levonorgestrel, the hormone in Plan B, may not be enough to prevent pregnancy in larger women. If you’re concerned about the studies about Plan B, consider taking Ella, which is effective for women weighing up to 195 lb.

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