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Where Can I Buy the Morning After Pill?

You can buy the morning after pill at many local pharmacies and also online through Nurx. The morning after pill is one-time contraception that is not used as a replacement for typical birth control methods. You will get one pill per prescription and will need to order and take it immediately after having unprotected sex.

One of the most effective brands of the morning after pill is Ella, which can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex. Plan B is another effective form of emergency contraceptive that works for up to three days after unprotected sex. This brand is more effective the sooner you take it and is not as effective for those weighing over 165 lbs.

To order your prescription online, you will need to:

Get Emergency Contraception At Home

Emergency contraception from Nurx costs as little as $0 with insurance or $45 per pill without insurance.

  • Submit your request.
  • Answer a few simple health questions.
  • Wait for the doctor to review it and issue a prescription.
  • Wait for it to be delivered.
  • Take it once received.

The prescription can be delivered directly to your door, with overnight shipping if you need it right away, or your local pharmacy.

If purchasing your Plan B at a drugstore or local pharmacy, you can do so over the counter without a prescription, but you will likely need assistance from the pharmacist to get it. You will not be required to show your ID and can get it at any age. Your insurance policy may cover the morning after pill but will require a prescription.

Ella can also be obtained from your local pharmacy but will require a valid prescription from a health care provider as well as proper identification.

Some local Planned Parenthood health centers may be able to provide you with low-cost emergency contraceptive and can provide assistance with your insurance company to obtain coverage. Since the morning after pill, in most cases, works best when immediately taken, it is prudent to keep a pill on hand in the event that you need it.

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