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What Is the Male Birth Control Shot?

Currently, there is no male birth control shot available. Studies for an injectable form of male birth control have found promising results. For now, men have a few other birth control options they can consider.

Male Birth Control Research

The World Health Organization commissioned a study to determine the effectiveness of a potential male birth control shot. The injections use two hormones (testosterone and progestin) to suppress sperm production in order to reduce the risk of impregnating a woman.

An international clinical trial for this male birth control shot showed promising results. The trial participants experienced a significant reduction in their sperm count and their fertility returned to normal levels when they stopped getting the shots.

Other male birth control options are being researched, as well, including hormonal pills, nonsurgical vasectomies, and a hormonal gel that is absorbed through the skin. The initial results are promising, but researchers still need to perfect these methods before they can make them available to the public.

Male Contraception Options

Men currently have a few options for contraception, but there are some issues to consider when using these methods:

  • Condoms: Condoms have to be applied each time a man has sex and can impact sensation. With average use, condoms are 82% effective.
  • Withdrawal: Also known as the pull-out method, withdrawal requires removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. 1 in 5 women become pregnant from the withdrawal method per year.
  • Vasectomy: vasectomy is a method of male birth control that eliminates the supply of sperm by cutting the tubes (vas deferens) that carry the sperm. It’s a low-risk, simple procedure and is nearly 100% effective. Vasectomy reversals are possible, but they don’t always work, so only men who are sure they don’t want biological children should use this method of birth control.
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