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What is your automatic refill policy?

Nurx, on behalf of our pharmacy network (the “Pharmacy”), conducts an automatic prescription refill program (the “Program”). You may elect to enroll any or all of your prescriptions in the Program and the Pharmacy will automatically refill each enrolled prescription whenever it is available to be filled. Each time a prescription is filled through the Program, you will be provided with a notification that the prescription is being refilled. 

You may withdraw an individual prescription from the Program by logging into your account, going into the “Account” tab, and then clicking on the “Subscriptions” tab. To stop automatic refills for a given prescription product, click the “Manage Subscription” button for that product and then click “Turn Off”. To stop automatic refills, click the “No, I will manually request refills” button on the modal that pops up after you click the “Turn Off” button. Then click “I understand” in the following modal to save your preferences. 

You may completely disenroll from the Program by taking the steps outlined above for all of the prescription products in your plan.  

Taking your treatment on a consistent basis gives you the best chance to see results, so we strongly recommend setting your preferences to receive automatic refills. This ensures that you’ll stay on track and receive your treatment without delay. 

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