Spironolactone for Women’s Hair Loss

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This medication is typically supplied and billed as a 3-month supply. You will only be charged if you are prescribed this Rx medication as part of your treatment plan.

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Seeing more of your scalp in photos? Thinning hair that makes you wrap your hair tie more times than before? Oral spironolactone is clinically proven to reduce hair shedding and thicken hair follicles. Recent studies show that patients using this prescription-only medication achieved visibly noticeable improvement in their hair loss within 6 months of use.  

Our team at Nurx can prescribe spironolactone if medically appropriate for as low as $15 per month.

Medication type:


Recommended for:

Thickening the hair follicles

Preventing hair shedding and thinning

Reducing women’s hair loss

Addressing hair loss linked to menopause and PCOS

Price with Insurance: Not available

Price without Insurance: As low as $15 per month for the medication

Your one-time consultation fee unlocks a full year of unlimited medical care with our hair loss and scalp health experts. This includes: your initial consultation, personalized treatment plan, virtual follow-up consultations, and unlimited messaging with our dedicated care team.

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Hear from our Hair Loss Experts
“Increasingly dermatologists are using oral medications to treat women’s hair loss. They can be the right fit for patients who have tried topical treatments that don’t fit into their exercise and hair care routines or if they experience irritation or itching.” – Dr. Marie Leger, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Nurx Advisor

“Women dealing with hair loss may wait 3 to 4 months for a dermatologist appointment. In this time, they could be treating their hair loss and starting to see a change.” – Dr. Peter Young, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Nurx Medical Director

Individual results from medication use may vary.

Spironolactone, Rx only, has not been approved by the FDA as safe and effective to treat androgenetic alopecia, however studies have shown its effectiveness in preventing hair loss and thickening hair. Spironolactone may also cause side effects including upset stomach, headache, and menstrual irregularities. By providing this content, Thirty Madison, Inc. in no way supports or endorses the use of this product for such condition(s). Such determination must be made by a licensed clinician who may prescribe Spironolactone because in their clinical judgment, use of the product is medically appropriate.

Minoxidil foam 5%, intended to treat hair loss, may cause side effects, including skin itching, irritation, and scaling. If you would like to learn more about minoxidil foam 5%, please see prescribing information here. You are encouraged to report negative side effects to the FDA. Visit MedWatch: HTTPS://WWW.FDA.GOV/SAFETY/MEDWATCH /default.htm or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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