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Can I Get Birth Control if I’m Under 18?

You don’t have to be 18 to obtain birth control. Birth control is available to minors to make sure they can prevent pregnancy when they need to, to regulate or stop their periods, and to improve acne.

Buying Prescription Birth Control

Many forms of birth control, including some birth control pills and the Ella morning after pill, require a prescription from a health care provider. Guidelines vary from state to state, but in many parts of the U.S., teenagers can independently obtain a prescription from their local health care provider once they are 16 years of age.

Younger teens and minors in other states may need permission from their parents before obtaining a prescription, depending on the practice. Alternatively, doctors may notify your parents if guidelines say you’re too young to get a prescription on your own. This can be a little embarrassing, but you won’t be refused birth control you need. Some practices will ask for ID, while others will take your word for your age and identity. At Nurx™, we will discuss your state’s policies with you before writing a birth control prescription. However, we won’t tell your parents unless it’s required by state law.

Buying Nonprescription Birth Control

Any person of any age can buy nonprescription birth control, such as condoms and Plan B emergency contraception. Originally the sale of Plan B was restricted to teenagers over 17, then lowered to 15, but the age limit was eliminated altogether in June 2019. This makes sure people of all ages can access birth control and prevent pregnancy easily.

Buying Birth Control From Nurx

At Nurx, we sell our birth control products to anyone living in areas of the U.S. and provide our services to those who are at least 12 years of age in accordance with their state laws. This limit applies to our prescription and nonprescription products. One of our friendly medical providers will talk to you before writing any prescriptions to help you make the right choice about your birth control. They’ll respect your privacy and ship your birth control to you in plain packaging.

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