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What Is the Treatment for Hepatitis C?

What Is the Treatment for Hepatitis C?

Treatment for Hepatitis C will typically require antiviral medication. In cases of long term, chronic Hepatitis C, however, a liver transplant may be recommended. The exact treatment will largely depend on the stage of the virus.

Treatment for Acute Hepatitis C

Acute Hepatitis C is a short-term infection which occurs within the first six months of being exposed to the virus. Most people will clear the infection on their own without treatment. If the infection does not clear up, or turns into chronic Hepatitis C, then your healthcare professional may prescribe antivirals.

Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C

Chronic Hepatitis is a long-term condition that can affect your liver. Antivirals will also be used to treat chronic conditions, but in some cases, a liver transplant may be recommended. During the surgery, the damaged parts of the liver will be removed and replaced with the healthy donor liver. After treatment, the virus may return, and antivirals may be again prescribed.

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Antiviral Medication

The antiviral medication is designed to clear the virus from your body with the goal of having no detectable virus twelve weeks after treatment has been completed. While some healthcare providers may use older anti-virals, many patients are now given direct-acting antivirals. The medication you are prescribed will largely depend on your Hepatitis genotype.

DAAs are now becoming the more common standard for care with a significantly higher cure rate than previous medications. They also produce far fewer side effects. DAAs can come in the form of individual drugs or combination medications.

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