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What STDs Can Be Tested for With a Urine Test?

The two sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) medical providers can detect using a urine test are chlamydia and gonorrhea. Many STDs or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as healthcare providers now call them, don’t cause immediate physical signs or symptoms. In these cases, urine testing provides early detection for more successful treatment.


The urine test for chlamydia only screens for infection via vaginal sex. You can contract the infection through oral or anal sex, as well. If you’ve had oral or anal sex, ask your doctor to use a swab test for these areas.


Urine testing for gonorrhea is the same as it is for chlamydia. If you have a vaginal or urethral infection it will show up in your urine, but infections in other parts of your body won’t. If you’ve had anal or oral sex, a swab test of these areas is necessary.

Get Tested for STIs At Home

Nurx offers at home test kits for common STIs with or without insurance.

In some cases, you can get the results of your STD urine sample test while you wait. However, some tests require a lab to screen urine for chlamydia or gonorrhea.

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