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STI Testing

Have questions about how STI testing works, how much it costs and more? We have the answers in our STI testing FAQs.

Is it safe and accurate to send lab tests through the mail?

After you collect samples using one of our home test kits, you seal samples in individual plastic bags we provide, place the plastic bags in the box the kit arrived in, and place the box into a prepaid mailer which you seal and return. This packaging prevents your…

I’m transgender. Is there anything I need to know before requesting a HPV home test kit?

Anyone with a vagina and cervix should be screened for HPV, regardless of gender identity. We recognize that many transgender and non-binary can feel uncomfortable or unsafe getting a pap smear, so a home HPV test may be a helpful and safe alternative.  Nurx’s HPV testing…

I’m transgender. Is there anything I need to know before requesting a STI home test kit?

When thinking about which Nurx STI kit to request, it can be helpful to think about what body parts you use for sex and make sure the kit you pick includes testing for those parts! For example, if you have receptive anal sex (bottom), make sure to include…

Who can use the Nurx HPV Test Kit?

Our medical team does not recommend routine HPV testing for women under the age of 25. HPV is a very common virus and for women under 25, the virus often clears on its own – without any treatment. Additionally, women under the age of 25 have a very low…

Why is a blood test better than a saliva test for HIV?

HIV tests that rely on saliva can’t detect HIV until someone has been infected for 3 months or more — that’s how long it takes for enough virus to build up in the body to be detected in saliva. However, blood spot tests like the one included in…

What Are the Advantages of Rapid STD Tests?

A rapid STD test is one that provides results within a few minutes. Testing can be done at home, rather than in a health care provider’s office. Rapid STD tests can help eliminate the stress of taking this type of test, as well as save time and effort. Taking an…

How Accurate Are Rapid STD Tests?

Not all rapid STD tests have the same level of accuracy. Some are more sensitive to the presence of infection than others, and certain tests provide more specificity when it comes to negative results. Specificity and Sensitivity When reviewing the accuracy of an STD test, you will often hear references…

How Accurate Is a Herpes Blood Test?

The herpes blood test's accuracy varies, depending on how long you've been infected, but correctly identifies the virus 80-98% of the time. Healthcare providers recommend only testing for herpes when you are at high risk for infection or are having symptoms. If test results show HSV-1 antibodies, then you likely have an oral infection — only in rare cases can HSV-1 be a genital infection. If test results show HSV-2 antibodies, then you have a genital infection. For more information, read what our Nurx™ care providers have to say.

How Do I Get an STD Test?

You can get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at community health centers, medical providers' offices, and clinics, as well as with online STD test kits. Different STDs require different types of tests to check for infection. Nurx™ gives you the ability to order STD test kits online that you can conduct yourself from the privacy of your home. These allow you to check for syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, chlamydia, HPV, and hepatitis C. Learn more about STD testing from Nurx.

Which STDs Are Detected by Blood Tests?

The sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are detectable using blood tests are genital herpes, HIV, and syphilis. Other types of tests healthcare providers can perform to detect STDs are swabs and urine tests. Blood test types differ depending on the STD. Genital herpes requires an IgG test; HIV requires a sample of blood via dry blood spot, venipuncture, or capillary draw; and syphilis requires one of two tests: the venereal disease research laboratory (VDRL) or rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test. Members of the Nurx medical team can provide you with further information about STD testing.

Where Can I Get a STD Test?

You can get an STD test at a health clinic, your local medical provider's office, or online from Nurx. Nurx provides STD test kits that you can purchase online and accepts both health insurance and cash. If you have health insurance, it will likely cover STD tests, but you will be responsible for copays due at the time of service. Once you receive your at-home test results, your Nurx healthcare provider will talk to you about your next steps. Read on to find out how to get an STD test kit delivered to your door.

What STDs Can Be Tested for With a Urine Test?

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are the only two sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) you can test for with a urine test. You can test positive for either of these STDs even if you're not experiencing any symptoms. Fortunately, urine testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia can help you detect these infections early and easily and the earlier you can detect these STDs, the more successful treatment will be. Learn more from the Nurx™ medical team about STD testing.

How Do STD Urine Tests Work?

STD urine tests work by detecting whether the bacteria associated with infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are present in your urine. To do a urine test for STDs, you have to pee in a sterile cup for your healthcare provider and then return the sample. Or, you can order an at-home test kit online from Nurx™. It can take up to seven days to receive your urine test results. If your test is positive, your healthcare provider will start you on the right treatment. You can get more information from the Nurx medical team.

How Does the Nurx Home HPV Screening Test Work?

The Nurx™ HPV test is completed at home and then mailed to a lab for analysis. You collect the sample using a cotton-tipped swab, seal it inside a tube that comes with the kit, and then mail it in. The sample is analyzed for certain high-risk strains of HPV. Typically, you'll get your results about one week after you mail the kit back. If you have any questions about how to take the test, Nurx can help.

How much do the Nurx Home STI Test Kits cost?

The cost of Nurx™ at-home STI testing kits depends on your insurance coverage. If you have health insurance, the cost of each kit is $75 plus any applicable copays or deductibles. You may have to pay for a lab testing fee as well if the lab is not in your network. Without health insurance, costs range from $150 for $220 for home STI test kits, including the lab testing fee. Regardless of insurance coverage, a $15 medical consultation fee is also required. Want to determine the final cost before placing an order? Our experts at Nurx can help.

How do I know which Nurx Home STI Test Kit to choose?

Nurx™ recommends the Full Control Kit to get the most complete at-home STI testing results. It checks for chlamydia and gonorrhea in three areas (genital, rectal, and throat), syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis C. If you want testing for the most common female STIs, consider using the Healthy Woman Kit. For simple status checks between regular STI testing, you may want the Basics Covered Kit. Still not sure which test is right for you? Our Nurx medical team can help.

Is STI testing at Nurx confidential?

Nurx™ STI testing is confidential. Any identifying information, such as your name, is kept in a private medical record. Depending on local regulations, the results from your test may be shared only with certain individuals or companies, such as your healthcare providers or your health insurance company. Otherwise, your results are completely private, so no one will know unless you give permission for their release. Want to learn more? Nurx can answer your confidentiality questions.

Which STIs does Nurx offer treatment for?

Nurx™ offers treatment for most cases of chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and other STIs which can be treated with oral antibiotics. For STIs that are typically treated with an injection, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, the treatment needs to be administered by a healthcare provider. If you have an STI that needs to be treated in person, Nurx can help you find a local provider or clinic.

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