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What Insurance Plans Are In-Network for STI Testing?

The following insurance plans are in-network for our lab partner, Molecular Testing Labs:


BC/BS Contracted AMERIBCBSAZ  Ameriben by BCBS Arizona  
BC/BS Contracted PIPEAZ  Arizona Pipe Trades by BCBS Arizona  
BC/BS Contracted BCBSFEP  BCBS Federal Employee Plan  
BC/BS Contracted BCBSAL Blue Alabama BCBS 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSAZNNG Blue Arizona BCBS Neighborhood HMO 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSAZ Blue Arizona BCBS PPO 
BC/BS Contracted BCIDAHO Blue Idaho BC 
BC/BS Contracted REGBSID Blue Idaho BS Regence 
BC/BS Contracted BCIL Blue Illinois BC Blue Choice PPO 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSIL Blue Illinois BCBS PPO 
BC/BS Contracted WSH Blue Illinois HMO West Sub Hlth 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSIA Blue Iowa BCBS Wellmark 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSKC Blue Kansas City BCBS 
BC/BS Contracted BCLA Blue Louisiana BCBS Blue Card PPO 
BC/BS Contracted BCLAOGS Blue Louisiana BCBS OGB PPO 
BC/BS Contracted BCLAPPO Blue Louisiana BCBS Preferred Care PPO 
BC/BS Contracted MDBCBS Blue Maryland BCBS Carefirst PPO 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSM Blue Michigan BCBS Traditional 
BC/BS Contracted AHS Blue Mississippi AHS State Network 
BC/BS Contracted REGBCBSOR Blue Oregon BCBS Regence 
BC/BS Contracted BSCA Blue Shield California 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSSD Blue South Dakota BCBS Wellmark 
BC/BS Contracted REGBCBSUT Blue Utah BCBS Regence 
BC/BS Contracted NVABCBS Blue Virginia BCBS CareFirst PPO 
BC/BS Contracted REGBSWA Blue Washington BS Regence 
BC/BS Contracted RGA Blue Washington Regence Group Admin 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSOFWY Blue Wyoming BCBS 
BC/BS Contracted CFNL CareFirst Network by BCBS 
BC/BS Contracted GILSAZ Gilsbar by BCBS Arizona 
BC/BS Contracted MAYAZ Mayo Clinic Health Solutions by BCBS AZ 
BC/BS Contracted BCMCS MCS Alabama BCBS Medicare Supplement 
BC/BS Contracted BCBSAZNNJ MP Arizona BCBS Neighborhood HMO 
BC/BS Contracted OPENGAZ Operating Engineers by BCBS AZ 
BC/BS Contracted SSAAZ Southwest Service Admin by BCBSAZ 
BC/BS Contracted SAS Summit Admin Services by BCBSAZ 
BC/BS Contracted UABT United Agricultural Benefit by BSCA 
Commercial Contracted ARISE Arise Health Plan 
Commercial Contracted BSI Benefit Support by First Health 
Commercial Contracted BRECKPOINT Breckpoint Pro+ by First Health 
Commercial Contracted CF486 CareFirst Network Leasing-Local 486 
Commercial Contracted COVEHCNV Coventry Health Care of Nevada 
Commercial Contracted COVEMODOT Coventry Missouri Dept of Transport 
Commercial Contracted GULF Gulf Guaranty Employee Benefit 
Commercial Contracted HNEOP Health Net Stanford Vaden Students EPO 
Commercial Contracted HSBFH HealthScope Bens by First Health 
Commercial Contracted ISO HealthSmart ISO by First Health 
Commercial Contracted LMSI LewerMark Student Ins by First Health 
Commercial Contracted MMP Mayo Med Plan by Medica-First Health 
Commercial Contracted MEDIPN Medova Healthcare by IPN 
Commercial Contracted MODA Moda Health 
Commercial Contracted MOTIV Motiv Health by First Health 
Commercial Contracted MPAMBIN MP Indiana Ambetter by MHS 
Commercial Contracted AMBKS MP Kansas Ambetter 
Commercial Contracted MOLWI MP Wisconsin Molina Healthcare 
Commercial Contracted TOCCHP MP Wisconsin Together with CCHP 
Commercial Contracted MHSFH Mutual Health Services by First Health 
Commercial Contracted PACIFICSOURCE PacificSource – Legacy Network 
Commercial Contracted PSHP PacificSource – PSN Network 
Commercial Contracted PARKVIEW Parkview Signature Group EPO 
Commercial Contracted SAMPPO Samaritan Health PPO 
Commercial Contracted SISFH Sisco by First Health Network 
Commercial Contracted TWLORD T.W. Lord Associates by First Health 
Commercial Contracted HPFH The Health Plan by First Health 
Commercial Contracted KEMPTONVIC The Kempton Group by First Health 
Commercial Contracted TSH Travelers Student Hlth by First Health 
Commercial Contracted TRICAREAST Tricare East – Humana WPS 
Commercial Contracted TRICAREWEST Tricare West – Health Net HNFS 
Commercial Contracted UCHEALTH UC Health by Cofinity 
Commercial Contracted UCSMASONS UCS Cement Masons by First Health 
Commercial Contracted UNI Unicare State Indemnity Plan 
Commercial Contracted USHM United Healthshare Ministries 
Commercial Contracted VATRIWEST3 VA TriWest- Region 3 
Commercial Contracted VATRIWEST5A VA TriWest- Region 5A 
Commercial Contracted VATRIWEST5B VA TriWest- Region 5B 
Commercial Contracted VATRIWEST6 VA TriWest- Region 6 
Commercial Contracted WFG WellFleet Group, LLC by FirstHealth 
Commercial Contracted WPS WPS Health Insurance 
Medicaid MDAL MD Alabama 
Medicaid MDAK MD Alaska 
Medicaid MDAZ MD Arizona AHCCCS 
Medicaid MDAR MD Arkansas 
Medicaid MDCA MD California 
Medicaid MDCO MD Colorado Health First 
Medicaid MDDC MD District of Columbia 
Medicaid MDFL MD Florida 
Medicaid MDGA MD Georgia 
Medicaid MDID MD Idaho Healthy Connections 
Medicaid MDIL MD Illinois Medicaid 
Medicaid MDIN MD Indiana 
Medicaid MDIA MD Iowa 
Medicaid MDKS MD Kansas KanCare 
Medicaid MDKY MD Kentucky 
Medicaid MDLA MD Louisiana 
Medicaid MDMD MD Maryland 
Medicaid MDMI MD Michigan 
Medicaid MDMN MD Minnesota 
Medicaid MDMS MD Mississippi MSCAN 
Medicaid MDMO MD Missouri HealthNet 
Medicaid MDMT MD Montana 
Medicaid MDNE MD Nebraska 
Medicaid MDNV MD Nevada 
Medicaid MDNH MD New Hampshire 
Medicaid MDNJ MD New Jersey 
Medicaid MDNM MD New Mexico 
Medicaid MDND MD North Dakota 
Medicaid MDOH MD Ohio 
Medicaid MDOH MD Ohio 
Medicaid MDOK MD Oklahoma SoonerCare 
Medicaid MDOR MD Oregon 
Medicaid MDPA MD Pennsylvania 
Medicaid MDSC MD South Carolina 
Medicaid MDSD MD South Dakota 
Medicaid MDTN MD Tennessee TennCare 
Medicaid MDTX MD Texas 
Medicaid MDUT MD Utah 
Medicaid MDVT MD Vermont 
Medicaid MDVA MD Virginia 
Medicaid MDWA MD Washington 
Medicaid MDWV MD West Virginia 
Medicaid MDWI MD Wisconsin Badger Care Forward Health 
Medicaid MDWY MD Wyoming 
Medicaid Managed AMERIHP MDM Arizona American Indian Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed CENCAL MDM California CENCAL 
Medicaid Managed CAHW MDM California Health and Wellness 
Medicaid Managed KERN MDM California Kern 
Medicaid Managed BCILFAMMD MDM Illinois BC Community Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed ILLINI MDM Illinois IlliniCare Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed MDMINMHS MDM Indiana Managed Health Services 
Medicaid Managed AMGRPIA MDM Iowa Amerigroup 
Medicaid Managed PASSKYMDM MDM Kentucky Passport Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed AETNABHLA MDM Louisiana Aetna Better Health 
Medicaid Managed MDMHBLA MDM Louisiana BCBS Healthy Blue 
Medicaid Managed OMDBH MDM Maryland Optum Behavioral Health 
Medicaid Managed MAGMSMDM MDM Mississippi Magnolia Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed MDNVBC MDM Nevada BCBS Anthem 
Medicaid Managed CP MDM Oregon Columbia Pacific CCO 
Medicaid Managed EOCCO MDM Oregon Moda Health 
Medicaid Managed YAMHILL MDM Oregon Yamhill CCO by PH Tech 
Medicaid Managed PAHW MDM Pennsylvania Health and Wellness 
Medicaid Managed SUPERIORHLTH MDM Texas Ambetter Superior Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed COMMHLTHWA MDM Washington Comm Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed CHILDCOMM MDM Wisconsin Children’s Comm Health Plan 
Medicaid Managed CCO MDM Wisconsin Community Care 
Medicaid Managed MOLINAWI MDM Wisconsin Molina Healthcare 
Medicare MCWA MC Medicare Part B 
Medicare MCRR MC Medicare Rail Road Retirement 
Medicare Managed BCBSALMCM MCM Alabama BCBS Blue Advantage PPO 
Medicare Managed MCMREGBLUEID MCM Idaho Regence BS Med Adv HMO 
Medicare Managed ALLIN MCM Indiana Allwell by MHS 
Medicare Managed CFMCM MCM Maryland BCBS CareFirst 
Medicare Managed ODSADV MCM Oregon Moda Health Med Adv 
Medicare Managed MCMORH MCM Oregon Regence BCBS Med Adv HMO 
Medicare Managed MCMORP MCM Oregon Regence BCBS Med Adv PPO 
Medicare Managed SDMC MCM South Dakota BCBS Med Adv 
Medicare Managed MCMTXSUPHMO MCM Texas Superior Health Advantage HMO 
Medicare Managed MCMTXSUPSNP MCM Texas Superior Health MMP SNP 
Medicare Managed CHPWA MCM Washington Comm Health Plan 
Medicare Managed REGMEDADV MCM Washington Regence BS Med Adv HMO 
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